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Class specific liveries.

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I was playing today with a few people today and a player asked why did I change my livery? I told him because we went from a race to time attack. What does that have to do with anything he said. I said, well there are sponsors that only pay for certain types of events.

Some only pay for TA's, Endurance, Drift & regular races. Also there are sponsors that will pay for any event as long as you meet the criteria. Then there are sponsors that only apply to certain classes of cars. Like Firestone pays for the Indycars only.

So cars like my drift cars only have sponsors that will pay for drift events. I also have Endurance only liveries for my Endurance cars.

Then there was 3 to 4 other players that did not really pay that much attention to this & had not thought about making event specific liveries for their cars. So that is why I thought I should pass this little nugget along. My main livery is the one I use for my club (I think it's just me) that livery has my race sponsors on it and the general sponsors. 
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Why does choosing a car color and choosing sponsors take so much time for you? That is all I did it took all of 3 or 4 minutes. The most time comes from finding the sponsors but once you do it for one car you should be able to remember what sponsors you just put on the 1st car. But maybe I am making too big of an assumption here. 

I do think the $$$ from the sponsorships should be a lot more than what they are. But every little bit helps, If you can be bothered to do so. I hope I can be forgiven for trying to have something to contribute. 
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 I hope I can be forgiven for trying to have something to contribute. 
Calm down, I mean no harm. I'm just stating my opinion.

When it comes to liveries, coloring is the most time consuming aspect in my opinion. Between the base color, livery colors, and rims, then fine tuning it to make sure it matches your other patterns, it could take around five minutes (double it if you're using pearlescent or flip paints) for the paint alone. Two liveries a piece, times 27 cars in my garage at, bare minimum, six minutes to complete, and that's almost five and a half hours for a minuscule payout every few races. Sorry if I think that's time consuming.

Also, there are other downsides if someone is in/wants to join a club.
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Yeah, the livery system is totally f*cked up this time. In GRID it was great. Choose ONE livery, assign sponsors that don't care about the event and that's it, works for every car.
But here? Like so many other things, there wasn't any thought put into this.
I have to do the livery for EVERY single car by hand. If I want the same, this means remembering the color (great, if you use custom colors and not the stock ones - absolutely impossible, as there are no color values you could see), remembering where the design is, amongst the 100. And then there's that stupid assigning of sponsors out of a pool of 3 billion. That is honestly the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

So the only simple way I found for myself was founding a club, for myself only, picking my livery and voila, I have it for every car I want. Why can't I do this without a club? There are 3 possible designs and honestly, who would want 3 different designs for EACH car? I guess not a single person. 3 global designs, that would be great.

And finally, there are the sponsors. I'm in a club and can't choose them myself. Why?! I have to take the ones the founder uses... great, if this is for a completely different category. Makes no sense at all. And why do I have to use the same rims? I should use different ones than the whole club AND I should be able to use different from car to car. Not every car looks good with the same rims.

So this should be a lot more variable. Assign certain sponsors packets according to discipline. What use is a drift-sponsor in a street car?!
Let me save a design to load it on another car. Make sponsors/rims independent of livery and club.
But well, chances for this are probably at -20%...
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@TUSMBOX For these liveries I just use the simple pattern that pops up as default turn the silver, black & red stripes into white stripes. I do not even bother with changing wheels that is why it takes me so few minutes to complete an alternate livery. 

I do the livery's for my Clan that is pretty much me, myself, & I. So I have the regular race liveries done. i probably change these once a week or more. Depending on what sponsors get unlocked. 
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The livery my racenet club has is good for race/time attack events as all the sponsors are race/distance-oriented.

I've started making custom liveries just for drift events though, as there's a few drift sponsors that can easily net you 30-40K+ in a drift event if you stick them all on (there's one that gives $1,500 for a 400K drift which on Okutama can be done 15-25 times quite easily). I never really intend on repairing a drift car because it's probably irrelevant but that money is going to be useful for my (now old and weary) BMW touring car.
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@Photonik I agree with you I like the broader customization options that GAS has. But I would prefer the save system from Grid 2 because you could save several liveries and just apply them to whatever car you want. But the sponsors didn't pay directly that I remember. If they paid at all. 

I would have like to saw a number option. Other than just one font and one color. Is it just me but on the 360 there is hardly any outline around the numbers. On a black background the numbers virtually disappear. If they wanted to keep the numbers this way then a option to put a square or round plate behind in white or whatever color you want. 

Also whatever # the club leadwr picks is the # everyone in the club has to use. Why? 

@Loore or @justbiglee‌ could some of these concerms about liveries be addressed in a future patch? 

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