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PS4 (pro) - Classics races, the one who destroys them all


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In all classic races I drove so far, is one driver who is so much faster than all the others.

I use difficulty 78-80 and normally it results in great racing and no easy wins or real position fights for me.

Here I noticed, that when I play on the same difficulty as I'm using for all other modes, I simply have no chance to win the race because the guy in first place is 2-2,5 seconds faster in qualy and 1,0-1,5 seconds faster in the race each lap. Side note: I'm using the same car than him.

Yesterday I turned down the difficulty slider to 60 (minus 18) to equal his times, but than I was 2,5 seconds faster each lap than the driver in P3.

I know it should be a special challenge but if I'm driving the race at the same difficulty than the other modes I should be able to win it in the same car.

Please have a look at it codies and equal it out.
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