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Stewards Inquiry Please

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@RWBSUPERCHARGER   -   That was a decent lobby earlier on,  Good clean racing going,   

Shame that Brazilian guy caused carnage.

Sorry I couldnt stay I had to pick up my Girl friend.  

I loved your overtake on Spa, goin into the chicane and the end of one of the laps,  LOL
All gd FUN.  

@Loore - Is there anyway I could make an xbox savegame work on the PC? 
It would be cool if savegames worked  across platforms.

Its seriously depressing having less than $50,000 lol.  

Yeah it was good, it was full all night with people queuing to get in lol, some fast racers in there that play regularly, join anytime you like.

Yes my overtake at the Spa chicane was a little ambitious although it stuck lol, don't even know who I hit, I had to get rid of the brazilian to make room, he was not happy he sent me a steam message asking if he was banned for crashing, well make your own mind up there lol.

It's a really tough race if you start from the back to get to the front, I see you managed a good win well done, I was fighting for position all night until 2am when I couldn't race any more lol.

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Yeah it was tough starting from the back,  I got lucky with my win though,  someone with a Scottish flag, caught me up, drafted me, and binned the Brazilian at the 1st turn on lap 2,  guess it was a payback moment,...........I ran for my life, LOL. 

I know I said I didnt like that Audi yesterday, but I love it now,  

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I think that was Deepthought nailed the Brazilian, he was screaming at me to kick him but I couldn't as we were mid session, he dealt him his own justice, shame really as apart from him it was clean ish! lol

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