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9-11 Racenet Challenge, supercar platinum is set to 4:18,848 Really ???

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Is this a typo, a bug or a bad joke ?!?  :(
Cant even get bronze in a viper on first try, did about 5:00,000
So long for the 10 000 xp bonus from platinum on first try. 
What time did 1st in the world yet ? Cuz... You know, as soon you make a time you are 21st whatever the time you did and cant see 1st time anymore, only 20 above and bellow.  
@Loore‌ : Will this be fixed one day or we'll ever be 21st in the world unless we are 20 or below for real ?

Zalex on PS3
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Thanks @Amphydoodle‌  now I know it's not only on my side.
I also noted that on about 10 friends always playing the game, none of them are playing now.
Is Autosport already dead ? Save game trouble, updates and DLC not released by Sony USA and  now a badsetting  for racenet event. Enough to whipe  a solid fan spirit...
See y a later if some efforts are made here.

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It's still running strong on PC, plenty of people on the UK server on our side. I don't know if the console versions are region locked, and if they are, I don't know if it can be changed. That, and PC (Steam) adds the simplicity of easily manageable groups to create a community of players. 
I might give back a try to Autosport as Dirt Rally is impossible to drive on PS4 with T300 now... till fix.

At last they fixed the server times on PS4, is that been fixed in Autosport ?
or do we still see that we are 21th in the world, no matter what time we did ?
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