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The intel challenge winner have been announced..... WOW.

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ishkhan said:
@loore, can you please do something about this idiot because he is accusing everyone and I for one am get a bit annoyed with his incoherent babbling and I am sure I am not the only one, he comes on here for attention and has no evidence of cheating as the videos show, I added him to show him how we drive and to see how he drives and he then accuses all of our team and friends of cheating and ruining races, I also find it interesting that his name has the tag 'no trainer'

I am actually starting to think that he is using a trainer and because he can't win with it he thinks everyone uses a better trainer than he has becuase he lacks the skill to use hacks and beat others with it.
Yes you are a real artist, I proved that you and some cheaters look closely at the video
I watched you every lap last night ishkhan and the only one using exploits was you mate. You cut the corner on the end of the second straight at Yas Marina like a pro. 
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