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Apex Online Racing forums - GRID Autosport League and club members wanted!

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EDIT: We are now ranker 44 in the world (as of Oct 29th)

At apexonlineracing.com we have the most diverse  racing community in the world.  We have leagues in a few racing games, including F1 of course.

Our Xbox 360 GRID section is becoming ever more popular due to the very close racing which you can check out on our league members' videos. The team is climbing up the rankings day by day and we'd love for some of you to check it out - the recruitment status is open so feel free to join whenever! - https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/6052/aor-autosport

You can also find the X360 GRID league amongst the GRID sub-forums. Even if you're not interested, just have a browse of the forums to see if you're interested in joining any of our current and future leagues.

Hope to see some of you over there.


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I'd just like to update you guys looking for a new team, We currently have all the premium liveries applied to our cars and are climbing the Grid leader boards fast for a new but eager team.
If you want to join the team and contribute to our great success, currently our membership is open to new members that want to race clean fast and fair with others and race with a thriving community of like minded individuals  

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