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About Us
We are a group that come from a multitude of religions and cultures. Sharing a desire to play the game as a team, exploiting the tactical advantages of coordinated assaults and playing the objectives versus padding statistics. We attempt to maintain a low level of drama through maintaining an eighteen or older requirement for entry. We don't tolerate those who wish to break the solidarity of the group or create drama, those types are weeded out and sent on their way.

We hold our members to higher standards, and those standards don't necessarily include kill-to-death ratios or things quantifiable through statistics. It has been our experience that while statistics are nice they don't do you any good if the person wielding these formidable stats isn't a team player with a good head on their shoulders.

Our Platforms
We offer a PC, PS, and XB Division, and you as the member have the choice of which to join. You may also join multiple rosters.

Our Games
We currently are staffed in support of the following games:
Battlefield 4
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Call of Duty: Ghosts

Games our members are playing, that are not fully staffed:
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Civilization V
7 Days to Die

Our Members
We currently have around 400 members registered to our community website.

Our Rules
I'm sure that you know someone who has done something extremely stupid. You know, someone like the guy that ingested the anal itch cream causing the manufacturer to have to apply that stupid warning on the tube of jelly like substance that no sane person would want near their mouth? Well, we've known some people like that too and they're the reason it's necessary to have this rule section.

I. Honor, Respect and Loyalty. These are three words that quite clearly explain how we expect you to conduct yourself in the clan. We're friends that play together online and enjoy a camaraderie. Don't ruin it be behaving like a Neanderthal.

II. The above should cover this, but just in case any of you are thick-headed: no racial epithets.

III. No wearing of other clans tags for any reason. When playing with other clan members be sure that your DOB tags are on, have pride in the group we've built.

IV. If a server administrator or moderator asks you to do or to stop doing something, please be respectful of their position and follow their instructions. If they're out of line take it to the founder but in the mean time do as they ask.

V. Check the forums regularly for updates and information. Be active: this means gaming with the clan, accepting invites and be sure you've added the members of your preferred game(s).

VI. Try to resolve issues between members at the 'lowest possible level.' This means man up and settle it yourselves because if we have to become involved there may be consequences.

VII. Everyone in the clan has the right to petition, disagree or complain if they want to. But that right doesn't give you the right to do so disrespectfully. If you disagree with something, approach the situation with the right attitude and you might be surprised at the results.

Our Contact Information
We have a TeamSpeak 3 server for this! If you're interested in joining our clan and would like more information, join us to talk. Download TS3 Server Address: ts3.dirtyoldbastards.net

We also have a public chat box that many of our members are active in at all times of the day. Jump in, introduce yourself, and ask questions! I promise if we can't answer them, someone can. Chat with us!

Like what you see?
Apply here. DOB > Join

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I'm not Religious, also putting this on a F1 forum but no F1 games or racing sims seems odd to me.

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