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Grid Autosport

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Britpoint said:
dotmartin said:
Alright, any official word? 
Yes, it is for those three platforms :)
I missed that text at the end of the blogpost. :) 

The video and images looks awesome. Let's just hope it runs smoother than Grid2 did on PS3. It really seemed to be on the edge of what the old generation of consoles could manage, with a lot of lag and choppy framerate. 
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It has potential assuming the physics model is significantly different than GRID 2.

Hopefully the announcement includes a significant discount for those of us who purchased GRID 2 under the guise of it being a racing game as well.
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please check this multiplayer features:
-spectate mode from lobby
-streaming text chat
- nothing more people splitted by steam download region settings
- a long custom lobby list
- name and flag of racers
- best lap times 
- all car the same online 
- a complete racing stats on player panel option
- radar and hud old style
- a search button option to find specific racers into a lobby
- a democratic old style kick vote  
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Loore said:

We'll be going into specifics shortly, rest assured that online is an area we've pushed really hard and there are a lot more options available for the lobby host etc.
thats nice to know, very important are spectate mode from lobby and text chat, please don't forget this 2 features because 
in this way there are no dead times when u wait for race... (is not fun to stare a lobby window for minutes watching nick popup)
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