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Ok guys i liked the first video about game ...
To be honest the taste about it is semi-sweet..
I expected to see a pure motorsport game as old Toca series ...This is just Grid!
This is offcorse not bad , as Grid 1 is one of the ebst racing games i have ever played...

What i liked according what i saw:

Cockpit view
Helmet view on formula car (my favorite view in F1 series)
Some track like Hocknhaim, San Francisco etc...
I heard about that in final version of game there will be 22 locations with 100 deferent layouts...

What i like to see its some classic cars , i did not see any of them in this video...
I like that derby mode will be include in game but i think its time to see some new content about it and not exactly the same as 2 previous games...Ok i can live with this if handling - physics are simuilar to 1st Grid
As in 2 months the game will be released , does not remain much time for new things , so codies must add some circuits from F1 series ...Also tracks like Spa , Bathrust , Nirbourgring , Branch Hatch should not miss from the game...
Graphics looks pretty similar to Grid 2 so i think the minimum requiremnts will be the same..
If handling and physics are similar to first grid and not to seconf one , yes i will buy

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Couple quick questions:

Will there be any weather effects, such as rain? They work well in the F1 games. Also different times of day like in DIRT 3.

Will LiveRoutes be making a return? I really enjoyed the challenge of not knowing where i was going.
EDIT* Just watched a video which explains there is no liveroutes.

On this graphics comparison, i take (i hope) it that is the console version, not PC?

Also noticed the helicopter there filming, which i recently requested for the next DiRT :P

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It is all looking and sounding great, I was at the test day so I know a lot of it from what they mentioned, some bits are nice surprises.

My biggest disappointment is next gen. There is no "Racing" game out on it yet (apart from Forza on the One), and none planned as yet, for PS4 anyway it seems like sales are being given up.

I am so hyped for this game though.
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zRad1c4L said:
Looooreeeeee, steam preorderrr? lol I'm thorwing money at the steam client and it just bounces back :'(
Sorry (so many questions and the Internet hasn't let me have a break yet!) Steam pre-order will be up around six weeks out from launch.
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Loore said:
@Tark9m yes, it's completely different to GRID 2, night and day. We do have a tyre wear mechanic now (for Endurance races) and there's a lot more feedback from your tyres during a race for example.

One of the many services I provide.  Though that could have gone either way. I am seriously optimistic. Also kinda hoping it is a preview of the physics engine for the new DiRT as well.
Instant hype.

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yeah baby !
Jarama and formulas looks so cool like in grid 1 , physics are abviously improved, you can see that in chase view car does not move left and right so fast , colissions are more realistic and cars looks heavier and they dont move like plastic toys , amazing feeling in cockpit view with formula , yeah this game seems to be the real sequel of Race drive GRID!
=D> :)>-
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I would like to like it but cant watch it because Im on holiday with my Samsung 10.1 (and wife) and the roaming data is quite expensive, Ive used over 250 meg today on here and if I bust 300 meg I got to pay 50p meg !!
WTH yes I like it tho I aint seen it 
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