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F1 2014 Season 11 - Oct 24th Fridays 8PM GMT PC

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Join a racing league that has been going for 10 seasons, we have clean and fair drivers, looking for new drivers for our first F1 2014 season.

We still have about 5 seats left, we are well organised with a Committee(Stewards) and a great website with a great community and active forums. We use TeamSpeak to communicate through the race. You can join here: http://www.fusion-squad.eu/forum/

Forget the big leagues that have 500 divisions and no personality - join ours to meet friendly normal people mainly based in UK but all are welcome.

We have lots of ideas for our championship. The only aids we ban are TC, pit lane assist and brake assist.

Join now! http://www.fusion-squad.eu/forum/


add me on steam: henno_garvie1

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We have 21 drivers listed now if we get more we will have two divisions, we never planned on having more than one, having just one division it meant we could look after the drivers better, the bigger the league the less important most members/drivers feel, some of our have driven in other leagues and they found none was run as well as FUSION League.
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Season 12 sign up open.

  • We will be using F1 2014.
  • It will be set to equal cars.
  • 6 drivers will move up to division 1 from division 2, this still may be subject to change.
  • Nobody will drop down from division 1.
  • If F1 2015 comes out before we finish season 12 we will move over to F1 2015 continuing from where we left off in F1 2014 with a week break to get organised. E.g. Monza on F1 2014 then Singapore on F1 2015.
  • If you do not have a 50% attendance rate to races in Season 11 you will have to ask a committee member to join this season.

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