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GRID Autosport // Eibach Challenge

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I have read the terms and conditions from CM and they say residents of US and Germany who are aged over 18 are eligible to participateNot once do they mention anything about other parts of Europe, they don't say if we are included or excluded at all.

Eibach's terms and conditions are vaguer, they say German residents are eligible but don't mention anything about the US, UK or Europe. We already know US is eligible so are Eibach telling us to just take it as granted that we in Europe are eligible too by not mentioning it? 

@Loore Bit of help here please? I get confused very easily lol :D

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I'm pretty sure the UK can enter the challenge. If your country is not  eligible in the terms and conditions well that fine, because Codemasters will keep you in the challenge anyways. They think (CM) that Germany is part of the UK according to the last challenge. 
That's right mate, there incompetence is shocking. Still no reply to any emails or pm's 
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