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Touring legend pack content ! Availiable 16/09/2014

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Oh god, when I saw that Audi I had a nostalgiagasm. Is it 4WD like it was in the original Toca Touring Cars? (I don't actually know if it was 4WD in real-life in the real BTCC seasons those years or not)

Looks a bit out-of-place to everything else though, being the only car that doesn't look like a shoebox :P but I won't complain.
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@Loore  When this playlist patch comes out for the consoles, can you PLEASE ENSURE that the touring car legends go into the playlist and TT, and Racenet challenges. 

I dont know how the other DLC works, as this is the only one I bought,  but now feel ive been Grid 2'd again. 

Honestly CM,  your DLC strategy isnt working. 
Yes it is. You just gave them money.  :\
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