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Question on gearing in Multiplayer (Sorry if already been asked)

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With F1 2014 having set number of gear ratios for the season which by the sounds of it is being implemented into the games career mode.
Will this be carried online in the game obvious it would be hard to do but expecting CM to give you 2 short, 1 medium & 2 long gears or will it just be free reign with setup as usual? 

If anyone knows  :)
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in real life. the teams have to use the same ratios for the whole season(they get 1 joker to change)

it will be interesting to see if this applies to f1 2014 multiplayer, but surely cm should let us change ratios as you dont do full seasons in multiplayer
It appears we were wrong, CM have locked the gears online on the Japanese version  :( 
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