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25% engine wear still too high

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so after doing a full race weekend in melbourne i done all practice programes and full qualfying and the race. All together 37 laps and my engine is at 24% which means i really only can do 2 races before i get problems and 3 races max which means i need 7 engines. Im with redbull btw. This wear rate is still way too high. After practice and qualfying my engine was at 18%. So its showing the problem is still there. 

You engine lifespan is determined on what race length u are on. So on 25% your engine cant do as many laps as on 50% which is fine. But when the wear rate for practice and qualfying is the same no matter what race length you choose your using more of ur engines lifespan on 25% 

engines last 2-3 full weekends with 25%
engines last 4-5 full weekends with 50%
engine last 5-6 full weekends with 100%. 

It should be around the same no matter what race length you choose. 


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