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Since it's April 15th in Australia, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @SynGamer!

Here's a Canada cake for you.

Awesome :D Just booked reservations for my favorite sushi place here in Toronto. Birthday is on Wednesday (April 16th) so I have something to look forward to after work :D

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Here you go Syn

That stuff is gross actually. I prefer Jameson ;)
Shh. It's not his birthday. He party pooped.
I typed April 16th in my first post, but somehow the OP put 15th ;) Thanks for the birthday wishes though :) 28 this year! #old

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Loving the themed cakes :D Even my BOSS wished me happy birthday today! *shakes head*. Lol.

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28 ain't old haha
Aome days it feels old. But overall 28 isn't so bad. Had a lot of sushi and Saki last night. Good time :)

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Ron666 said:

iii-vii-i - 12th January
Liam12D- 12th January
mykalboi - 18th January
Vettelfan - 8th February 
mightyduck95- 11th February
buttonfan - 4th March
Prawn01- 8th March
afrodude41- 21st march
Luekdfrt - 22nd March
scotters - 24th March
SynGamer- 16th April
chromatic- 25th April
jordiedinhoDAFC - 27th April
Matthew77258 - 30th April
sjsharp2009 - 10th May
wooly51 - 12th May
wellingtonbalbo- 16th May
AMS97F1 - 19th May
KRTheIceMan- 23rd May
iAmRightYouAreWrong- 23rd May
onetwothree - 26th May
azoresst- 6th June
Mac an Breithiúnaigh - 8th June
ManUFan87 - 11th June
The Big A - 14th June
EdMa - 14th June
Aqua F1 - 22nd June
Platy - 8th July
Aussie_Crosso - 11th July
Mexicola/Mexican Mexicola - 19th July
PeteTheDuck/Hami1ton - 5th August
MSC - 13th August
f1since08- 9th September
tasteslikemunchies - 20th August
Herby-007 - 11th September
SILVERARROWS- 12th September
Phil83 - 13th September
Tylerrnty1- 16th September
RevolvingPrawn/Bumfez - 24th September
Ron666/rohan4991FIM - 30th September
Marcus F1 - 2nd October
tomasjrl - 9th October
Fernando Alonso - 10th October
couger1981 - 4th November
nickbalti - 6th December
IcemanFan7- 6th december
webber157 - 27th December

You are so mean :(

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