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List of PC online bugs we've experienced, IMO the game is unplayable online.

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@F1Support The silence about all of the multiplayer issues is really troubling for a lot of your fans. I've bought every codemasters F1 game and the multiplayer in this one is the most broken it's ever been. The fact that multiplayer wasn't tested before release is astounding. Can you at least give the community an update on exactly which issues you're going to address before you abandon this game and work on next years please? At least give us the chance to move onto other games now if you're not planning on fixing the multiplayer, you already have our money.

Agree with this.

@f1support and @jennyannem I think its fair to give us a bit more information about the multiplayer issues. You cant do this forever.

Could you please provide us a detailed update about the issues you guys are working on.

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