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Load Cell Brake...can't brake anymore

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Hi everybody,

I have a question regarding load cell brakes. Just 2 days ago I switched to a Fanatec CSR Elite Pedal EU. Came from a Logitech G27.

I "learned" to drive way back in Geoff C. GP2 (with a Joystick) then GP3 /4 with Wheel, Codies 2010/11/12/13 ... I read on the Internet it takes time to adjust to the new braking, but how long did it take you to get the new feel for a load cell. In Silverstone my laptimes improved by 2 sec. (I finally understand what trail braking really is, wonderful with a load cell brake....) But Singapore, you need hard and fast breaking, i hardly get around corners anymore... used to be one of my best circuits.

I still drive 2012 and use a DFGT Wheel, brake saturation is 30% already, and the load cell brake at 9, Firmware and driver are the latest.

How long did it you take to relearn braking? Is there something I have to consider? I'm really frustrated...What i find most annoying ist the short "travel" of the pedal, and to get a 100% braking power I have to stomp the pedal like a madman. Is that normal? It feels like the actual braking takes much longer....

Would be nice if someone could share their experience with me... THX

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