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Nice, the only thing is, we need a subscriber to set it up for 2 car leagues. I might buy one. 

Also, I'd rather start new teams or all use similar level ones. I have two teams, one in a league which I'm happy with and another is in the Rookie tier of that same league making up numbers so I'd be happy to move that one, just not my first team...
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Good idea Tommig, I subscribed so if we get the people together I'll make the league, just tell me the settings you guys would like :)

Maybe we could do it daily? Or how flexible is it because I already race on a Monday, Wednesday and a Saturday. Are we looking at 25%, 50% or 100% and what times are good for everyone?
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I think we still need a few more tbh

We have 5 right now, but it'll only be a one car league because subs are tied to one account, so I think we'd need a fair few more than that, so I doubt we'll do it unless another 8 or so people join otherwise everyone will be scoring points every race. I'm only really looking to start it if we can have 12-14 cars because I already have my second team in a league with 6 cars, so it is a shame we don't have more people :(
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