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Steering wheel in F1 2014

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Let's be honest, who cares really. There are bigger things to be concerned about such as the sound, handling of the cars, equal cars online (which they always get wrong) penalty system. 
I care. It's the attention to detail that makes a good game great. How am I expected to feel immersed in the world of formula 1 when I'm sat in a generic cockpit without the most iconic livery of recent times present, and without even being able to do a full f1 weekend. The recent F1 games don't feel like 'F1 games' in the way FIFA feels like a football game, they feel like racing games that happen to have F1 cars in.
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Let's get penalties for cutting Ascari right after 4 attempts then we can concentrate on the trivial stuff.

Point I'm trying to make is there is surely a list of priorities in these bug ridden debacles, and the minor aesthetics isn't, and shouldnt be very high on that list.

Of course if CM ever just managed to do it right we wouldnt be having this conversation would we?
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