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R&D Progression for McLaren Honda engine


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F1Support said:
Hello all, we've done some investigation in to this and found a bug superficially with McLaren engine upgrades. In the short term you might be better putting your R&D in to other areas so you get some gain.

We're working on a fix and we'll try to get it out as quickly as we can.
I don't think so...
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I left mclaren in season 5 for another team fully upgraded engine and other stuff also. I checked the speed traps they are the slowest team again. It looks like if u leave them for another team in career there engine goes back to stock no upgrades on engine.
I guess CM just doens't want the hondas to beat someone with raw engine power.
After they told us there would be 2 separate r&d trees for players and AIs i suspect its something like this:
if the player upgrades honda engine parts, they will get from - lets say 20% up to maybe 90 or even 100% of mercedes relative power level.
the teammate or an ai team might only get from 20% to maybe 40%. so, after every ai team is done upgrading its engine part the relative performance delta between mercedes and honda would stay about the same. this would explain why players get such a big impact by upgrades, while ai is not (and additional the big difference after leaving the team, the replacing ai driver just gets an "ai upgraded engine").

maybe CM should just up the lower engines by a fair bit so the difference between non-upgraded and upgraded engine wouldnt be that big. meaing the player engine r&d would be more in line (but, of course, far less interesting for the player himself). relativ strength for the teams could still be balanced with chassis and aero r&d trees.

after all, what i really would like to know is, if r&d engine upgrades do something at all for team mates / ai. so, is the top speed in first season for ur team mate the same as if it had every engine upgrade in say season 4 or season 5?

talking for myself i really lost interest in this game. career suffers r&d bugs, taking out the thrill of beating your own teammate. multiplayer just has too much issues too, so i paused league racing. if nothing changes at all to this game, i might even stop racing there at all. its such a shame, because the racing itself was / is really fun IF it's working (car handling, good ffb, and so on), but as we know, mostly it is not in current state.
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