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Hi everybody ,

I`m new in f12013...but find it very hard  for playing ?? I used to play  Geoff C GP2/3/ and GP4 several years back, and can say I was quite good.
I was in "retirement" with f1 games more than 5/6 years
Now I`m start playing f12013  but this game it`s far more different in terms of handling the car.
I`m a keyboard player and discover that turning in it`s very difficult in this game.
I always miss the apex, override chicane, cutting corners, etc...
When I start turning in it`s always maximum turn. 
Do I have to set some things in the game, to have less turning in ???
How to get rid of this issue??
Thanks for Your support....

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First,  in my opinion  you cannot compare different games and especially handling. I have raced F12013 a few times with the keyboard and I have to admit that it is a lot harder than racing with a steering wheel (duh) but it's certainly not impossible.

My steering also goes to full-lock when I press either left or right, I don't think there is any way to go around this. However, I would recommend to turn down the AI difficulty and enable assists (I race on Professional/Expert with a keyboard and Legend with a steering wheel) to get started again after such a long time. Furthermore, you should definetely try Time Trial to find out what works best for you.

Good luck!
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I also play with keyboard and I have no problem with turn-in. What controller do you have configured in the menu. It makes a big difference if you have keyboard specifically set or not. As all other type of controller have no need of reduced steering input.
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