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Project CARS


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Depends what you want from a game. PCars has a better single player experience (ai is better and there's a career mode), but AC has better physics and imo FFB.

If you just want to hot lap with a wheel then AC is the way to go. Online for both is pretty bad.
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This link is a good representation of the general attitude towards criticism in the Project CARS "community:"


...That post got stickied & a ton of "likes" from staff, moderators, & members... and it goes on for pages of back-patting & cheers.

It all typically boils down to the same core message:
if the game doesn't fill you with rapturous joy like you've never known, then just shut up & go away.
Any legitimate problems with the game are the customer's fault for their own lack of patience & their own over-inflated sense of entitlement. Who are we to dare think that we deserve fully-functional games in exchange for our money?

That forum is strictly for sycophantic cheerleading only.
They actively promote attacking & insulting anyone who criticizes the game. That "community" seems so much like a sickeningly one-sided cult that I'm starting to feel unclean just for playing the game. The closest that the Kool-Aid drinkers dare to venture towards "criticism" is saying things like: "There's room for improvement, but otherwise it's the best game EVAR!!1!ELEVENTY-ONE!11!"

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Platy said:
I just tried playing some online on PS4 for the first time in a couple of weeks, its made me want to get rid of the game. So many bugs that ruin the game. Joined a lobby, can't join qualifying so I wait, no problem don't mind starting from the back, race starts and I'm locked in bumper cam, try to adjust my HUD and the game crashes.
I was going to post a complaint, but I see I've already complained about the same thing a month ago. I just give up with it and will have to accept the best car based game for PS4 is Rocket League.
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SMS Studio Head Ian Bell says Project CARS has succeeded "by every metric imaginable..."


...Makes me wonder if his imagination could use some broadening.

Then, as is typical on that forum, the thread gets closed because he doesn't like "complaining" - even when nothing derogatory, inflammatory, disrespectful, or false is said.

It's getting more difficult for me to be optimistic about the game's/brand's future when its creators (along with much of its remaining community) refuse to acknowledge flaws while aggressively attacking & censoring feedback that can't be clearly categorized as devoted adoration. If they firmly believe that the condition of the game at retail launch (& 3 months afterwards) was acceptable, then I have to expect their future endeavors to be just as problematic (or worse).

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