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An excellent video that would make for a great game.

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I'm older but thats a little to old 4 me. Good video tho. 
Yeah that race pre-dates me by at 3 years. But, I think this is probably the 1st old race I watched start to finish on youtube. I was really pulling for the Camaro. But strangely I kept wondering where are the Minis & if this battle is that good. Then what does the Mini race look like? 

What I think I loved the most was just the simplicity of it all. Big V8, basically a F1 car with fenders, & throw in a bunch of Minis no problem! Let's Race!!! That is what is great about racing and can be a great game with that attitude. 
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The variety of cars is terrific. The racing is terrific. And it would make for a terrific game or could have been a terrific dlc.
It should be easy to see which car I am pulling for being that I am from the U.S. When you say "classic" this is what I think of when you say classic.http://youtu.be/cawBXWWgqCI

GT Legends on pc is that game B)

Can be bought very cheaply, will run on quite low-spec pc and Crystal Palace can be obtained for free as an add-on track

It's an epic game

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