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GT Ferrari Racing wheel

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Bought this for my husband and joined into steam and he happily played Race 07 on my old PC, which I upgraded the image card. Since Jan 2015 I ahve had a new PC with windows 10 and he is not able to play that game, apparently I believe its because I have bought an all in one pC and therefore not able to upgrade the graphics card , as the Race 07 constantly says sim bin align graphics.
I am not a pc wizz a get by I have  just seen this new game coming out and was wondering it this would work on my pc, or can anyone advise me on a portable hard drive I can get him so I can load games onto it and he can use the racing wheel. Details of my PC are:
OS Build 15063.540
Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-5200U CPU  @ 2.20GHZ 2.20
Ram 8.00 gm
64 BIT
touch support

Really hope SOMEONE can help me

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