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Steamworks Port for Dirt 3?

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As mentioned in many articles in late 2013, it is known that Dirt 3 will be drop Games for Windows LIVE and adopt Steamworks for multiplayer and DLCs but even till now, there isnt any updates on the port despite it has been many months from the initial confirmation. Is the port of Dirt 3 to full Steamworks still in progress?

Is Dirt 2 also getting similar treatment? Even dumping GFWL without porting the multiplayer is good enough for me in my honest opinion.
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I hope the DLCs will be ported to Steamworks as well.
Steam will use the Complete edition once the coding for the steam patch is sorted and Codemaster's gives them permission.
May I have the source for your information?
@Loore can you clarify this?
It would be better if you could find the link of the information than ask Loore directly.

I doubt Loore will reply here.
I guess you missed his post?
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