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A few issues (PC + T500RS)

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Just downloaded GAS this evening and I am having a few issues...

1. GAS won't remember my keybinds for my wheel. I have to redo them every time I start! Is this a bug or am I missing something?
2. FFB seems very poor. Can anyone link me to some good settings for the T500?
3. Brake sensitivity seems way off. It feels very digital, like either on or off even though I've played with the settings.
4. I've already had two blackscreens within the first hour of playing. Is anyone else getting this? I checked my temps and they were fine.

Here is my system:
CPU: Intel I5 4670K (Haswell)
GPU: Radeon HD7850
RAM: 8Gb Crucial Ballistix

So far I'm quite disappointed. AI seems OK and the game looks fine but everything else is a bit meh.

Any help appreciated. :'(

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OK a few other things:
1. If I start the game by pressing the 'start' button on my wheel it remembers my wheel keybinds. If I use Enter on my keyboard it defaults to keyboard and deletes the wheel keybinds.
2. See previous post.
3. I've found this can be improved by changing brake bias. Default in the game is 50/50. However you can only do this once you have levelled up!?!
4. The blackscreens have gone away by using High graphics instead of Ultra (even though it wasn't a temperature issue).

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