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Fastest platform?

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Controller lag, no. I just have a bit of lag from my TV, but frame rate, regardless of how fluid it looks, doesn't make you faster or slower. At the end of the day, 1 second = 1 second.
I just read this and you are correct 1second = 1 second where your monitor hz exceeds your FPS, i.e most TV's are 60hz although double framing makes it 30hz so running a console at 30FPS is no problem but what happens when you have a console that will do 60FPS on a 60hz TV? 1 second does not equal 1 second as the TV cannot do 1:1 and will skip frames which is where screen tearing and input lag come into play.

Movies in PAL UK run at 24FPS, US runs 30FPS, TV's are designed to allow this hence why UK got 50hz TV's originally and US got 60hz TV's, as the double frame effect, it's a fill in job to avoid blur, ever watched a football match on an older TV, it blurs so much it's streaky.

TV's are now marketed as 100hz upwards as they can cope with 50FPS upwards, I would not buy a TV now for a new gen console unless it was at least 120hz to cope with 60FPS, I wonder how many people are running on there 50hz upwards TV's and thinking they are getting a real 60FPS on screen.

Unless a TV says TRUE 120hz it is a 60hz TV, same goes for 240hz it is a 120hz which is actually good for a 60FPS console.

Good idea if you are going PS4 or Xbone do not buy a TV lower than a 120hz one.
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Here is an example if you take the Eibach challenge for instance, PC top 5 are under 1.16.8 (fastest being 1.16.208) the fastest time on Xbox is 1.16.801 and PS3 is 1.16.885 so there are 5 players on PC quicker than the 2 top 1st players on consoles?

Sort of speaks for itself really, it would appear PC can be 1/2 a second faster..
In Germany the first to were quicker than PC in R8.

This week (REPLAY havent got a time yet)

German website
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It's impossible to judge speed of platform by racenet challenges. This guy Replay can just be the fastest guy in GAS.
Give him a PC and see what he can do :)
Oh i forgot, he won one thanks to Intel right? :)

BTW, where is that smart guy RTA now? Nothing more wise to add? Do YOU feel corrected finally?
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@Flowaangelz  What I cant understand is:   

You say 60 fps makes you faster......So why are there so many console players who are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy faster than you?   

You got double the frame rate???  

You should remove yourself from the PC platform, and get yourself a console.  Maybe you cannot react quickly enough for 60 FPS. 

You should be ashamed that someone like me, can just come from a console, using a controller, and Automatic gears, and smoke you and your times. 
The cheek of it.......damn 30 fps console noobies.  LOL

If you watch a clock with a seconds hand,  How long does it take to count 60 seconds if you make a video in 30 FPS?  then in 60 FPS?  

Wouldnt both vids take 60 seconds? 

Shall I order you a JCB?  This whole has nearly reached Austrailia.

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Well according to the racenet challenge the player that is 1st on the Eibach challenge with the 1.16.208 is actually is actually 4th on the racenet challenge with a 1.30.822, the top player on PC on racenet challenge has a 1.25.507 so you are saying that Replay is 10 seconds faster than the top PC player?? hmm I think not young Jedi...
The 1.25 is done by a cheat.   He has cheated on every board ive seen LOL.  

codemasters you need to ban codemaster.  No1 PC cheat. 
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@Flowaangelz  no i do not stalk you lap times, but I do check out the leaderboards, and see whos names I recognise.   

You name always seems to have a slow time next to it.   

It stands out, because your on here, talking the talk, but looks like you cant walk the walk when you see the leaderboards.  

This is one of the reasons I have to just dismiss anything you say regarding anything to do with racing, or anything to do with lap times.  

Your lack of pace, leads me to believe that you are one of the "clean" racers, who take up the entire track,  use bonnet or in car view, and have no idea who or whats going on around you.  
Leaving a trail of destruction behind you, while you enjoy a nice sunday drive bouncing from wall to wall. 

Kind of like the idiot towing a caravan at 30mph with a 10 mile tailback behind them, on a 60 mph road, who doesnt think to use the layby's and let people pass. 

I get all that from your lap times,  LOL

Shall I read your palms?  LOL

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Always? Do you realize that i have taken part in only one Racenet challenge so far? And i'm on maybe 3 time trials leaderboards.
So where did you find me? :) 
And you again look for stupid arguments. Nice string of reasoning also - (no existing) times on leaderbords - must be slow - must be using hood cam - must be noob too.
BTW.....and when have we started argument about who's faster? LOL

You need to be cool, are you cool?
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I have always been under the impression PC was the fastest platform, am sure replay told me he had a run on his friends PC and it was a little faster. I remember SHIFT2 days there was a huge difference between platforms, PC was so much more controllable than PS3, we even had a lad come off  Xbox to PS3 and he couldn't hit the times he was hitting on Xbox.

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