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The Weekly RaceNet Challenge Complain Post XD

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DLC challenges are unfair to those who dont have the DLC, I usually do all challenges for the cash and if Legends was in there I wont be able to do it as I do not have the DLC.

Agree with TUS, If they make a seventh category just for DLC then I be fine with that, if you got the DLC then you can do it, if not then you got the usual 6 ones.. :)

No to DLC in the usual 6 challenges!
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why bother. lol
people have been raising these issues since day one and CM just ignores it completely.
Repetitive challenges is very common indeed.
And instead of coming up with a real solution with the AI they just gave us more time attack which didnt solve anything.
Its not rocket science to solve the issues here.
Fix for repetitiveness
 Make a better cycle on classes and cars - IE blacklist classes and tracks(the route not the entire location) for a short period making it impossible to drive the same class and track each week
Fix for AI involvement
Set grid order to human player first and up AI to hard. Both these settings already exist so its super simple to do and its no longer needed to give us time attack only(which, by the way, didnt fix anything regarding AI)
Save time between tries:
Add a replay option when race is done. The difference between this and the restart option is that this one will take you through the xp and money boost and take you straight to the startup garage where you can repair and tune your car. This way you get your exp, money, tuning but dont have to go all the way out in lobby just to go back in and load the track again.

All of these have been suggested by several people before all the way back to second week after launch.
But CM just completely ignored it but I guess they were more busy pushing dlc's than actually fix the game and listen to customer concerns. I mean AI still dont start in third race when driving custom cups.

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This weeks repeats the Touring Challenge that was there two weeks ago, another time the Mini Classic and exactly the same track.
Drift repeats but with C1, i´m a big fan on Drift but to be honest people maybe think that exist more categories and tracks, for example NSX Cup.

Anyway, only for info because CM doesn´t change never once is launched, even if is only for change a wrong time atack medal time....
Not bad at all, i think that this is like food menus, sooner or later something is going to be repeated, but in this case the "chef" has a very limited memory or needs a drawing in the door´s freezer..XD.

Salute and enjoy!!
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No complaints from me this week.  

@Loore‌......  Nice choices :) 
Same here. As the OP in this thread i must answer honestly. Good choices!!  @Loore  Great photo...XD

But the tuner challenge is the same car and track that 3 weeks ago.....XD, nah...seriuosly, great cars and tracks. I keeped the car just in case and...bingo!! i have all the tunning and upgrades in it.

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