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How many gamers can you find who are aware of this forum?

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ckevinc1 said:
A lot of people don't bother with this forum any more simply because CM gets the forum up and running and then they forget about it.
they just make snarky comments on twitter.

Not true at all, it has to do with the moaning and stupidity some of these kids in this forum display day to day. Nobody wants to be in a bully environment. Never the less, the stupid comments that show up in these forums day to day make those of us (real drivers.... yes i said "!~REAL DRIVERS~!")  laugh, I been saying this since F1 2010 came out...this gaming franchise is as close to real life and as good as its going to get, if you want realism.get rfactor. or just get the hell out of this forum.

Its quite funny to see young people here coming to post as formula 1 experts or "know it all type kids" because they been watching it for ten years on the television. That is irrelevant, only way to know one of these beasts is to get into one and drive it period. Codemasters are doing an amazing job! F1 2014 is going to be GREAT for HAVING FUN!.

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How many people know about this forum is irrelevant. What is important to consider is that the people who are on here are big enough fans of the game to want to further their experience and discuss the game with like minded people. Find out about news and information about the new releases. Share setups, videos and tips. Discuss strategies and race stories.
Call it moaning all you like, but the people on here care enough about the future of the series to sign up on here and air their views, suggestions and frustrations in the hope of a better game. 
This forum may just be a small percentage of F1 gamers but the sentiments are shared amongst other high profile communities such as facebook, YouTube, other forums and racing leagues.
Fact is, people are disappointed with what they have seen so far for 2014 and seeing as they are the ones the game is built for, and who have to fork over £40 for, they have every right to air their frustration. 
The official forum of the game should be the one place you can complain! It should be the one place you are listened to. 
You are entitled to your own opinion. 
As for mine, I love this series! I've bought every game at midnight and they never leave my disc tray. But I feel that 2014 does not represent value for money and looks little more than a livery update. 
Man opinion of which a large number of people share and are entitle to say!

if you don't like it, don't read!
but if we don't say our opinion, CM will never know!

Not at all relevant. There is moaning and there is constructive intelligent civil input. What goes on here 90% of the time is not at all. constructive nor civil.

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Mmm.....but if we look at this democratially then all of the moaners and whingers on here are vastly outnumbered by the silent majority who buy the game, and one more point, forty quid? I make that less than 11pence per day for a whole year, come on thsts value for money that you dont see anywhere else!
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