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Wing set up advice.

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I've played all the Codemasters F1 games since 2010, as well as PC, AC, and some other racers, and so have a fair idea about what circuits require which wing set ups.

But I also know that each game can often have it's own idiosyncrasies, it's unique take on things, and as such you can't always assume what worked in the 2015 game, or 2016 more recently, will definitely work.

For instance, my personal opinion is that a circuit like Monaco is high downforce, perhaps 8 and 8 (8 front and 8: back), and somewhere like Monza could be a low as 2 and 1.

Assuming that is about right, it is circuits like Bahrain, Australia, Singapore, that I am struggling to find an optimum set up for.

They have long straights, some medium-high speed corners, but also some big stops and some tight, low speed turns.

Knowing to what extent you need to sacrifice downforce for top speed, based on the game and real life, is the art in my opinion.

So my question is, in this particular game is it better to be downforce heavy or to go more towards straight line speed regardless of the circuit?

Adding front wing will benefit grip and lowering rear wing adds top speed, is a fair assesment?

Perhaps, if anyone has the time, they could list each circuit and the two wing numbers as a guide?

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Highly depends. I normally try the default setup, then adjust the wings based on how I feel. So far, I've used 6 rear and 7 front for Melbourne and Shanghai. I am in a mercedes. Normally, I go for the lower downforce, since it gives less tyre wear if you can avoid sliding and if the car can handle it well. I have won both races in career mode at 98% difficulty. The goal is to, setup your car protecting the DRS threat while still protecting your tyres. Experiment with both, but I would say never go higher than 8 on the front wing unless you are at Monaco, Singapore or Hungary. For the rear, never go higher than 7, as straightline speed will be really low, unless at Monaco, Singapore or Hungary.

For Bahrain, I think I will stay with the same wings, only changes to the suspension areas..

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