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AI Racers in Multiplayer?

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I'm a big fan of Toca Race Driver titles since #1, and since GRID which have the best graphics/gameplay sadly doesn't have any option to add AI Racers into Multiplayer, letting almost all races very empty and boring.

All the past titles had the option to fill the grid with AI Racers, so a race even between just 2 player were fun.

I didn't bought GRID 2 or GRID Autosport yet because I think will have the same problem, but I might be wrong so I'm here asking... is possible to add AI Racers into GRID 2 and/or Autosport? Maybe on the last DIRT titles too? 

thank you! 

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Do not buy, pls :D, we do not need one more stupid laggy lobby with AI.
Ppl go to multiplayer for real man racing but there are stupid bots wich making game not multiplayer but same to offlane race + they stack at the starting gird sometimes and race can be not finished becose of that.
Everytime when i want to play i look for lobby without AI coz its just goes in other way from online racing. 
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I don't boost and I'm at 244. I play 98% of my races in playlists.
Me too, LVL 200 and except a few boost races in ovals 20 or 30 a the beggining of the game of its release, all the progression is done in open playlists, drift specially and wining a 15% of them. But i always save since the beggining and never affect to me the corrupted issue, in fact i forced the issue and corrupt it to gain a bunch of millions an enjoy the game better now; try a lot of cars, buy them, etc...
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Thanks for all the replies! I'm very happy that is possible to add AI Racers again! :smiley: 

I have a home LAN with 6 machines with wheel, and we play a lot but stopped to play GRID because the lack of traffic in the racers, even with 6 players the tracks seams empty... after the first hits the race it's already decided, since all players are good and will not miss any curve, and since all cars are equal is not fun anymore... we are playing more Split/Second for exemple, aside the lack of the Force Feedback.

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