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[F1 2017 PS4 1.5] Results bug


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A MP race at Singapur 50%

This are the results in two different drivers:



@F1Support I think that the problem here is my (Prodriver) 5 seconds penalty which is not sum to the final time. 
That penalty was given at the begining of my second and last pitstop, so I didnt stay at the pit 5 seconds more. My partner (Balta) has another 5 seconds penalty in his first pitstop, so he stay 5 seconds more but during the SECOND pitstop. Maybe that is the problem if the game do not enforce you tu do it in the actual pitstop. 

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Same issue but on PC: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/57236/penalties-not-correctly-applied

There is also a problem with the tires on Quali Resultscreen. You don't see the tires for the fastest Lap, but the tires the Drives had on their last rounds. In addition the Drivers with no time are in the first Spots until the Quali ends.

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