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This week Xbox deals with gold: Grid Autosport 58% off!

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I wonder if game devs have to accept less money for these sales the MS puts on? Or is it just showing how much mark-up is involved with games? 

When I worked for an Office Supply/Furniture Company we had a minimum of around 15% markup from our cost. And if you went 30% up on say for instance on a desk that was about the max  you could expect to make from a customer. 

Unless these Monthly sales are what is normally called a "Lost Leader". Somehow I doubt M$ likes to lose money on anything though.
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Phil88TC said:
Just to let u know, this will be available From today through 29th september!
I wonder why MS put this discount so soon??!! I'm surprised...well it's not a good sign
It’s not that soon really. Already been going cheap on Steam and PS4 from time to time, pretty common for Codies games.
I see, so it's something about codies games! 
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