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This is how you do it!

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Well we did the series and it went well to a point, mostly complete but we had a couple of disconnects which messed it up, anyway Debug logged the results, the points went a bit haywire as people joined in the space of the disconnects and used different cars.

It was close racing and I think Gnarleus caught a couple of videos towards the end, the results are here- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L-bbzXfSjWjQrXpet7l1Nlz6VwO9u8XIDIT4VbFBeLc/edit#gid=0

I honestly think if Roach didn't have the disconnect he would have won it, so I don't feel I won.

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We will be doing another race session this Saturday 5 events with each car from the touring legends, 3 races per car of 5 laps (total session 75laps),  if anyone is interested, it will be a full closed room and the points will be totalled over the evening for the winner, a prize will be awarded to the top racer, 9pm GMT onwards.

Active microphones will be useful and if anyone disconnects and has to reconnect they will be given an average of their previous results as a replacement score.
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Need to check with the misses if I am able to join.

About active microphones thats the reason I prefer to use TS in situations like this.
With ingame voice and you lose connections to the session you cant talk with the rest anymore while with TS everybody stays in touch with each other.
MAkes life so much easier.  :)

Anyway let you know about saturday as soon as I know it.  :)
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