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"You are not connected to Steam..." - is it only me or ?

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Hi everyone,

There are a few issues that I run into very often lately:

1. When I go to multiplayer I get the message "You are not connected to Steam.. etc" (and believe me I am connected to Steam) and I cannot connect
2. When I happen to connect without getting the message above I only see a couple of online lobbies and they are usually dead
3. When it occasionally happens to join a session and finally start racing I very often lately get the message "You lost connection to the session.. .etc"

Adding the issue with the online AI not starting the race makes the multi unplayable and extremely annoying. I wonder how nobody mentions these problems and especially Codemasters - as if they do not exist.

So my question to Codemasters is - are you working on fixing these and if yes when should we expect them to be fixed? I apologize if I sound a bit harsh but all these problems online give me the feeling I was deceived to give my money for a broken and unplayable game.

Thanks in advance for your answer!
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Yep I think this is very common and very f ing annoying for all who it happens to, certainly I get it every session (daily) and a lot of others too, have a look on steam AS forum. Codies are supposedly 'looking into this'.
 I dont think they realise how much this kills the game experience for who it affects, and certainly casts doubt on the ability of the *Codemasters*  !!.
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