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No more Co-Op trophies please

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Nope. It’s a trivial annoyance at best when I know I’ll never be able to collect some of the trophies in a game. It would never “completely kill” a game for me, let alone a whole franchise.

I agree I play a game to enjoy it I don't really caer about the achievements really if I notch a few great. I play a game to enjoy a story or if it's a sports game like the FIFA or F1 games create a story of winning and heading for glory something like that. If I notch them up fine but they don't make or break a game for me.
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Ideally every online trophy/achievement should have an offline alternative since there's people who don't care about online. The same should apply for offline/career trophies, have an online alternate for all of them since there's people who only care about online and don't spend much time with offline modes.
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