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GRID Autosport confirmed cars/tracks/features

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Will there be any offline LAN multiplayer options? We’re developing a charity racing tournament for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals that tours in areas without internet access. We’re currently using Dirt 3, as it seems to be the last good racing game to offer LAN MP, but would LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to move up to GRID: Autosport. My gut says you’ll break my heart and say no, but it was worth asking.

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The open wheeler at the front of the group shot could be a Formula E

The open wheeler at the front? That's an Indy car, no?
Didn't think Indy cars had those big sidepod looking things?

And if you look closely on the first image, you can see the Red walled Indy soft tyres :D

Edit: Changed image to a DW12 in Indy spec, like on the first picture
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O.k, I'll move the black to the unconfirmed category for now, and add the GT3 to the endurance category. But I think the Zonda and the Black are both in that category, just in a separate class to the GT3. It has already been confirmed that there will be different classes within each discipline.
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The Pagani is the Zonda Revolución
It could be the Zonda R, the Revolution went on sale this year? @Loore @justbiglee which Zonda is it?
It's defiantly the Revolution, 

Biggest clues are the rear wing, which is held up on the sides, rather than the middle on the R. Also the Revolution is more flamboyant in general, like the wing-like panels on the front of the car. The R didn't have any of that.

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