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"Next" DiRT game wishlist!


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Hello everyone! I'm André, 17, Portugal and new on this forum!

I'm a huge fan of Rally and I play CMR games since the 2.0! Back in November I sold my PS3 and DiRT copies, but yesterday I won a DiRT 3 code on Twitter contest "DiRT Trivia"!

So, enough talking about myself and it's time to talk about the topic title! It's a bit obvious that a new DiRT game is coming and in my opinion, it's important to create a "wishlist", for the dev's knows what's the fans want! What do you think?

If you agree, post what you want for a "new" DiRT game (cars, tracks, stages, etc...) and I will try to keep the original post updated!

Best Regards,


- Less Arcade, more simulation;
- New engine with realism and good sounds;
- Remastered rally races from DiRT 1;
- Better cockipt cam;
- New replays editor, with free-cam and more on-board cams;
- More rally stages;
- Less trucks;
- Less demolition derby;
- No repeated stage sections;
- Longer and difficult stages to drive;
- More Rallycross;
- Launch control for WRC Cars;
- Unique stages;
- Real rally cross circuits;
- Tighter hairpins where possible;
- TV Style replay;
- Narrower roads;
- Serious and simple design like CMR - no one speaking in menus like you're five;
- Field of view adjustment;
- Rally championship, rally-only career;
- Longer career and more focused;
- Different carrer paths (where you pick the 2 -3 (rally and rallycross, or raid and baja, etc) that you want to compete for a Career);
- Playground/driving training space;
- Recce the stages;
- Service park;
- Realistic start;
- Dynamic weather system;
- Make your own pacenotes;
- Authentic rally rules;
- Changing stage conditions;
- Enviroment sounds;
- Livery editor for cars;
- Night Stages;
- Moddable Game; (Community make content for DLC's on consoles)
- Telemetry and motion support;
- No talking person in menus;
- Fictional Stages with realistic representation of the locations;
- Head2Head and Gymkhana (not on Career);
- New Separate career modes for all kinds of events(e.g: Rally Career: Rally School, Juniors Championships, National Championships and WRC. Same for RallyCross and other racing disciplines);
- TrackIR Support;
- Car customization (Upgrade the car);
- Support Oculus Rift & 4K monitors;
- European Rally Championship (ERC) license;
- Build/optimise for Next gen and PC;
- Splitscreen and system link support;
- Old WRC scenarios;
- Rock music in-game;
- Co-op mode;
- Car audio improvement;
- Manual controlled windshield wipers;
- Improved controls for wheels;
- Normal Raid back from DiRT 2 (not Rally Raid from DiRT 3);
- Better IA with more random accidents in the stages (burning cars, burst tire, electric problem, driving too slow and so on);
- Auto-reset optional;
- More physical map (if i tumble downhill, i should roll several times before being stopped by a tree or something, instead of being reset after a few rolls or falling through the map);
- More particles;
- Reflect the trails in the mirrors;
- Some road/city segments between stages;
- More AI (people, non-racing transport (e.g. random bike/quadbike, horse-riders, etc...), Helicopters, etc...);
- Custom number plates;
- Better effects (dust, dirt, rain, etc...);
- Better representation of bumps and undulations;
- More co-drivers;
- Asynchronous multiplayer mode (where a rally can be defined for players to compete it whenever is suitable for them);
- Bring back the SSS instead Head2Head;
- Run 2 times the different stages on each Rally events (Career mode);
- Encounters on Stages (Like broken down cars with an angry driver or some animals that suddenly cross the road);
- Live routes (like GRID 2);
- Multi-class results; 
- Save-game after each Stage;
- Bonnet cam more realistic (if we could shift the camera to the left or right side instead of it being stuck in the middle);
- Single player time trial/single race/practice should allow any car any track by default;
- Remastered Rallycross tracks from DiRT 1 and DiRT 2;
- Trailblazer tracks there should still be pace notes available;
- Better multiplayer chat interface;
- Build your own Career on Multiplayer;
- Hire drivers for your team;
- Make money for winning rallies;
- Garage menu (like GRID); 
- Map editor (create your own maps);
- Forced cockpit mode;
- Dust trails;

- Pikes Peak International Hill Climb;
- Fafe Rally Sprint Stage;
- Stage equivalent to Dakar;
- Canadian Rallys;
- Goodwood;
- Rally Monte Carlo;
- Rally Croatia;
- Acropolis rally;

- More classic rally cars (like Talbot Sunbeam, Fiat 131 Abarth, Chevette, Stratos, etc)
- All cars from DiRT 3;
- More cars like Peugeot 205 and Honda Civic;
- More S2000 cars;
- WRC Cars from this season;
- New R5 car category;
- Peugeot 208 T16;
- Kit cars from 90's;
- Old WRC Cars;
- S1600 cars;
- Group A and B;
- Prototype rally cars as rewards;
- Dakar cars;
- Dakar trucks;
- New rallycross cars;

*Game mode:
- Classic mode (WRC history by racing in set scenarios that were iconic battles from the past. For example, drive as McRae in Rally GB 1995 to clinch the title from Sainz, or race as Makinen in the final stage of Rally Catalunya in 1997);
- Asynchronous multiplayer mode (http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/5897/#Comment_5897);

*The list from "old" forums are posted by ThierryNeuville on 3rd page;
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More stages, that are longer and more difficult to drive.

Also, plenty of cars, all of what dirt 3 had and more such as the Peugeot 205 and honda civic.

And none of the American 'dude' and 'man' lingo. :)

And extremely realistic engine, exhaust, brake squeel, backfire, sequential/ dog gearbox sounds. :)
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SynGamer said:
A lot of people won't like this, but I really did not like the gymkhana aspects of the latest DIRT games. Would really like to see the focus on rally.
I'm on the same page as you - no more gymkhana things, or at least do not make it required to go forward in the competitions.

I would like to see a game more like Dirt 1, with longer stages, different tracks (tarmak and gravel in the same circuit) and trucks also. WRC has trucks in the desert, why wouldn't Dirt?
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Welcome to the forum André!
I think every one has mostly the same ideas and are on the same level,
but my wishlist / idea for a new game mode is my biggest wishlist it is on my thread:

Furthermore I think Codemasters did a great job on the rally cars in all the CMR and Dirt games!
Just wondering so bad what they are planning/ making inside the Codies HQ!!!

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JasonJack said:
Just totaly drop off the arcade thing and make it a simulation game just like Richard Burn Rally?

I do agree with you, and as rally driver I would love to see that!
But I think for most of the casual gamers this isn't interesting, I think the do like the challenge of a realistic and real rallying, but I think they want to start with just jump in and drive ( Like the game Forza?).

I think the key in a new rally game is that people need to choose if they want full SIM or want to jump in?
ofcourse a full sim will get more and better rewards etc 
In fact one thing is really important to me about the SIM factor;

And that's if its a jump in or sim game, the rules of the rally sport need to be accurate!
For example:
- Service after 2 or 3 stages
- Rally takes 13-21 stages
- A specific service time,
- Accurate time penalties
- Real Start ( not just a guy waving a green flag or so)

etc.. etc..

Do you guys agree?

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It would've been very useful if someone found time to gather the hints that supposedly Dirt team have been leaving on Twitter for the past couple of months.

I remember a few, but don't have links to tweets just now:

- DiRT team went to Hell in Norway for a scoping trip (track photos and RX handling research?)
- They've had a number of pro rally and RX drivers in to try the game in development: Liam Doran, David Binks, Tom Cave and more (can't remember just now)
- BBC radio was at Codies HQ to do live radio, but DiRTi devs were pretty well trained and didn't hint too much
- I think this tweet:
is a pretty strong hint that next games are aimed to go back to game focus of Colin McRae rally for DiRT and TOCA for the Grid series. I think that is reinforced by the fact that Codies had BTCC drivers come in (Matt Neal and Andrew Jordan?)
Involvement of quite a few pro drivers is a very good sign
- Certain art director working on the DiRT series dropped some pictures and videos on Twitter (which have been taken down since then) but I remember that a video showed quite interesting 1st person camera behaviour when in-car and the photo hinted a name for the next game
- Codies have this new scheme where they invite some community members to become Test Drivers. I think they've had a pretty well sized group come in last year. I suspect those guys are under NDAs so they can't talk about it...

I can't think of more now... Twitter website doesn't allow me to scroll through Dirt game Twitter account so I'll investigate more when I get more time

Overall I think they're plenty of hints that the focus and approach to the next game is for more authenticity :)
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Most things I would like or agree with have been mentioned.

I do like all the forms of racing the previous Dirt's provided but I am more a hardcore rally fan, I love the point to point stages and I adore the old classics, not necessarily Group B (which is incredible) but more the classic fords, MK1 and 2 Escorts, the Cosworths, even the Sierra and the Anglia etc etc.
I know some have been in the games previous but I would love them to come back and the others to feature, I think it is due to me being Scottish that I love the classic Ford rally cars, that is what we grew up with around here.
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Zuotoski said:
SynGamer said:
A lot of people won't like this, but I really did not like the gymkhana aspects of the latest DIRT games. Would really like to see the focus on rally.
I'm on the same page as you - no more gymkhana things, or at least do not make it required to go forward in the competitions.

I would like to see a game more like Dirt 1, with longer stages, different tracks (tarmak and gravel in the same circuit) and trucks also. WRC has trucks in the desert, why wouldn't Dirt?
Excellent point about it being required. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy messing around with gymkhana sometimes, but making it required in career really detracted from the overall enjoyment of the game.
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CarBoyCam said:
With regards to gymkhana. Give us a playground again, but with more simulation handling it should make it much better to practice slides and precision driving. There wasn't much of a training purpose to the DC compound in DiRT 3.

I definately agree with this. A playground where all the cars can be used would be brilliant; a nice big open space (and perhaps some tighter spaces) to play with cars and tweak car settings.

As for my wishes for the new game, a focus on rally and rallycross is my main hope. I would like to see European style rallycross properly represented, with real tracks and the correct race format. Rallycross race weekends implemented like the F1 games (i.e. where you do qualifying, heats and finals) would be my dream scenario, but I'll be happy with real tracks!

As for the rallying I would like to see longer and more varied stages, along with the return of back-to-back stages and the service park (copying the format of CMR 2005's rallies would be perfect!).

For both rally and rallycross I would like to see appropriate cars in real liveries only. Concerning the rally cars I would like to see World Rally Cars covering the period 1997 - 2010 in game, as this was a major omission in DiRT 3 (in my opinion!).

I would also like to see Pikes Peak return (in mixed-surface and all tarmac forms), though only after the above wishes have been fulfilled!

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