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"Next" DiRT game wishlist!


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Big crash for Ken Block in his latest Rallycross event....

He is starting to look like a crash dummy / or try to be equal to Colin McRae !
He is really a hero in the rally and rallycross... if he quitted the rally racing sport after a few big crashes then our sport will be extinct really soon (specially because Blocks social media brings the rallysport to a lot of people!)! +1 for Block! Hope to see u soon back at the rally and rallycross stages!


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Has anyone seen the Spintires demo?

Its a tech demo (with a game soon), but the terrain deformation is pretty cool along with the water effects.  They seem to have the splashes and mud slinging effects down pretty well, although kind of the same animation but I'm just being picky.  I hope at some point the mud doesn't look so much like cake frosting, but I understand the technology behind it. 

If something like this was used in the next DiRT/Rally game subtly and not just to show off a great new effect it could be a huge leap in the experience.

Anyhow, thought I would pass it along since I haven't seen it mentioned.
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KickUp said:
Azoresst said:
Didn't see this topic before :(, but my thoughts were Moura, Sousa or Breen... Soon I will post my own photos here, but I'll post the YT videos with the live coverage! Enjoy! You should watch at least the SS10 coverage! And thank you a lot @ThierryNeuville for remembering my "home" rally! :D

I love this Rally, the location is incredible and it is a great example of where the helicopter pilots earn their money.

The key thing for me is that the spectator (especially the TV spectator) gets to see all this amazing scenery yet the crews are funnelled down routes with very little view of the landscape.

Incredible stages, great driving and I love the mixed surfaces. I think the coverage also shows that Eurosport know how to show off a Rally on TV. The WRC should take a good look at this format.

As mentioned before, perhaps the ERC license instead of the WRC license will be a nice new opportunity!

In combination with a new game idea? ERC Ultimate Rallyteam explained  ?

I mean the rally line up is amazing:

RoundDatesRally nameSurfaceMini-Series
13–5 JanuaryAustria Internationale Jänner RallyeMixedIce Master
231 January–2 FebruaryLatvia Rally Liepāja–VentspilsMixedIce Master
328–30 MarchGreece Acropolis RallyMixedGravel Master
417–19 AprilNorthern Ireland/Republic of Ireland Circuit of IrelandTarmacAsphalt Master
515–17 MayPortugal SATA Rallye AçoresGravelGravel Master
619–21 JuneBelgium GEKO Ypres RallyTarmacAsphalt Master
717–19 JulyEstonia Rally EstoniaGravelGravel Master
829–31 AugustCzech Republic Barum Czech Rally ZlínTarmacAsphalt Master
919–21 SeptemberCyprus Cyprus RallyMixedGravel Master
109–11 October1Romania Sibiu Rally RomaniaGravelGravel Master
1123–25 OctoberSwitzerland Rallye International du ValaisMixedAsphalt Master
126–8 NovemberFrance Tour de CorseTarmacAsphalt Master

And with the new R5 rally cars coming up ( Citroen DS3 R5, Ford Fiesta R5 , Peugeot 206 T16 R5) ,R2 , R3 cars and many S2000 cars and Production cars ( Subaru Imperza WRX ,Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9, X )
U still have a lot of nice cars to rally. Although it isn't a WRC car it is still amazing!.

Beside that the ERC also has some nice championships in their championship:






  • Colin McRae Flat Out Trophy

Would be nice for some online competition, ofcourse it will only be that fun in a way like the Ultimate team idea ;-)

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Well, horn in a RallyCar is a co-driver problem! Also the windshield wipers as well, for a little slapsh and dash. If my diver needs I clean the windshield. Both bottons are on my feet.

But controling the lights, lightpod, windshield wipers and the vent of the car would be cool! My G27 have 18 buttons and I don't use 16 for anything (one for pause, and one for camera in RBR).

Just a little question, for @justbiglee. The fitional liveries, you have a team for that or it's the marketing of companyes that gives you the idea how to do things?
Some of us audio peeps are still here.

This reminds me of a slightly funny story, back in 2001 I was recording cars for a little arcade rally game EA released called Shox. I was at Mira with the Subara WRT. Was waiting to get permission to go on track from the control tower and the horn was constantly playing. I asked the driver, Robbie Head, if he could turn it off as it was interfering with the recording, and he just said "yep, move your foot" :D

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  • 2 weeks later...
About the whole particles, non racing AI and weather etc., a good example of what I'm looking for is in the WRC craziest moments videos which most people have probably watched already.
DRIVECLUB seemed to have a good weather system. Perhaps an improved version to affect particles and deform or reform the terrain? I'm sure it's possible.
Also, I don't think I've seen any recent Safari rallies. Are they no longer run? Anyway, please include that rally, as well as the one that year when it rained.
some things that may seem too extreme could maybe be toggled or given their own 'hardcore' mode for hardcore really fans, if they want it.
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For the next game I would love to have gymkhana back ( Not in career mode), More group B cars, and a lot more focused on Rally like Dirt2 was. (My opinion is that Dirt2 is better for rally than Dirt3). Track wise I would like Croatia back and china for the awesome trailblazer tacks. Unlike the last game I would like to be able to buy the cars with money earned through winning races not just unlocking them. Add a set up menu where you can buy improved parts for your cars (a bit like Dirt2 where you bought the upgrades for the higher classes) e.g. new engine, turbo's, tyres, suspension, gearbox that sort of thing. And with that I would like to be able to adjust the setting of various components on the cars. Also I really liked the mini's in the last game make sure they stay in the game.      
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http://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/news/june/co-driver-timing/page/1480--12-12-.html I cannot see how this would not be a fun challenge in the next rally game. The codriver could tell you about timing after the stage, maybe bypass the transit stage with a fixed time, if that a transit stage is too much to implement. But as the article highlights mistakes, slow stage times, mechanical issues carry over from stage to stage to affect your overall time/position. Think about having to get the best times for the next 2 stages to make up for some sort of trouble. After all rally = timing not just sliding sideways.
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I know it's kind of a tall order but if you could make the slow-mo shots in replay look like this, I could wait until next E3 for an official reveal! Okay, maybe not next E3, but definitely until late October.. of this year. :)


Anyway it would be kind of cool to have some slow-mo shots mixed in when looking at the replay in "TV view".
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I keep pitching the idea of a game mode that utilizes a semi-random stage generator, on the forums here.

The TL/DR version is that you would pick how long a stage you wanted to race, and the game would assemble a series of pre-made puzzle pieces just before the race, giving you unique stages each time, without requiring an actual random terrain generator to be involved.
That would let the game include pace notes for the stages, even though they were "random".

If you take a single location from Dirt 3, and divide its 5-mile long main stage into 1/2-mile pieces, those 10 pieces could be reassembled into 3.6 million unique stages, without turning them around or repeating any stages.
If you add in the ability for each puzzle piece to be put into the race forward or backward, allow pieces to be repeated within a given run, and allow the user to select the length of race (from say 1 mile to 20 miles), the number of unique stages grows exponentially.

This system shouldn't be too difficult to implement in an environment like Finland because you have a road that is closely bordered by trees throughout.
Those trees would block most of the vision from piece to piece, so you wouldn't need to generate all the connecting terrain.
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