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Patch 1.7 - Notes


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Hey all,

 1.7 is now out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Below are the notes for this patch:

·         Fixed issue where yellow flags persist for the duration of a multiplayer race when a player terminally damages their car and quits the session

·         Fixed issue where players are disqualified for not using the correct tyre compounds when another player rejoins their online session

·         Fixed issue where player is unable to resume a saved online championship from an earlier version of the game

·         Fixed issue where players are unable to load into a session which uses saved lobby settings

·         Fixed issue where lobby host could hang after changing race length during online season

·         Fixed issue where penalties could be forgotten after resuming a mid-session save

·         Fixed issue where player is limited to six gearboxes for a season

·         Increased level at which gearboxes suffer faults

·         Various other stability fixes

Find any issues?  Please let us know in our discussion thread: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/58233/patch-1-7-discussion-thread/

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