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(PC) (BUG) Can’t use my rear or side cameras in race


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As the title says, I have a problem with the race camera. Its stuck on looking left if i dont press ESC or pause button. I have tried to look around by reinstalling the game, verifying the game on steam and also to plug the controller into different usb ports but nothing helps. The strange thing is that i can look around in the garage aswell in between weekends of the career mode. But when it comes to racing on track, I cant look around and the camera is stuck to looking left. I have tried with keyboard and controller and nothing helps. The worst thing about it is that i cant find anything about it on the whole web. It just infuriating and i feel like its such a disadvantage if i cant see where they are coming from.

Please give me some help if anyone has had the same problem and if you have a solution.
Thank you for the time.

(Edit 9th of october)
Still have not been able to solve the problem. Have tried verifying and reinstalling but no different has happened. Every time it happens I need to press start button(or escape on keyboard) to reset it. And I can’t look back at all when racing.
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