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2014 OT awards show

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Welcome to the third annual OT awards show. Thank you all for joining us tonight. Once again, this is that time of the year when we give away some ‘awards’ to the most prominent members in this small family of ours’, a family that has lived through a couple of natural calamities and at least 4 years. Hopefully, this family will stick around for years to come. Your host will be, as usual Ron who hosted last year and also wrote the script for the inaugural show. He will be joined by an unnamed co-host later on. Special guests for the night are former community manager Helios a.k.a Ian Webster, Satine and Ron’s girlfriend along with her family. So, without further ado, buckle up people, let’s get this party started.


*with everybody seated and everything in order we start with the opening performance. Ron and his gf performance Evancescense’s bring me to life with Mexi on the drums, Fez and Iceman on the bass.*

Ron- So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, I Ron, proudly bring to you the 2014 OT awards show!!! *cheering* Three years ago when I first thought of this concept, little did I know that we would be doing this every year but thanks to your feedback and support, this is the third year in running. Hopefully, we can all continue this for years to come. So, all the a** ……. *having a concerned look at his gf* ….. so, all the gentlemen over here, let’s have a cool and pleasant night tonight! *some members talking about Ron’s sudden change in tone*

Ron- To kick things off, what better way than to declare thread of the year award!!! Any guesses? *lots of stuff thread chants* I guess I need not say anything new here, you people know the answer. THE STUFF THREAD!!! Man, that’s the third consecutive time the same thread has won the same award :p :p

Ron- Moving on to the next category, our family comprises of people of all age groups. Some are uncles and some(like me) are kids and some are half man and… *stares at his gf*…. But the youngsters are the one from whom we can all take inspiration. They have a totally different level of energy, enthusiasm, ideas etc. So, without further ado, lemme declare the winner. Roll the drums backstage boys!!! *drums rolling* and the winner for YOUNG MEMBER AWARD is ……. CHRIS!!!! Man, that was really tight between him and last year’s winner Matt B but ultimately, the honor goes to Chris. Come up here mate. *great reception for Chris*

Chris- Thanks so much for all the votes guys, I've become a lot more open on here over time and have probably mature a lot too as I've aged. It's nice to know I'm appreciated by the few people who voted on here, so thank you :)

Ron- That was a pleasant speech Chris and well done. Come to my crib when you have time and I can teach you how to turn from a chick to a chicken and … *again stares at his gf*…. Give you tips on manhood!

Mex- Ron, why don’t you admit it, you are afraid of her right? Maybe she might whoop ya ass if ya play foul :p :p

Ron- *murmurs* Nah mate nothing like that, I am just a bit…. Sick.

Mex- *lying sOb* *others around him laughing*

Ron- Alright, next one, every year, some new blood is always need to run through this forum’s veins. Now, some of the nominees have been around here longer than we may have thought of but actually, not in the OT family. While this year, we haven’t quite had anyone new here but for the sake of formality, let’s just name one anyway :p And the winner for the BEST NEW MEMBER is ….. even the winner will be quite surprised lol …. SJSHARP!!!! *clapping all around*

Sjsharp- I'd just like to thank everyone for this prestigious award. I will certainly treasure it. If it wasn't for you guys I probably wouldn't visit this forum as much as I do. So in truth you guys make this forum as much fun as it can be to visit. I've tried to help keep things going to by setting up a few topics myself like the FIFA/PES thread which I think have helped the forum I certainly enjoy spending time in the off topic section of this forum much more than the rest of it , and I doubt I'd have notched up as many posts as I have if it wasn't for you lot.

Ron- Thank you for that charming speech sharpey and I will be seeing you around soon….. I mean as a friend, not as anything else…. *Mex, Iceman and 123 looking at his gf*

123- Hey Katy, won’t you say something?

Katy- Not yet, he won’t even dare.

123- RIP Ron.

*Iceman, Herby and Chris do a parody of Blurred lines to an ocean of laughter*

Ron- Now moving on to the next category, just the opposite of the previous one, OLD MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARD. Now that certainly doesn’t mean anyone who has a wife and kids :p :p :p anyway, the winner is…. *drum roll*… our one and only, uncle PRAWNEY!!!!! *huge roar* Come up on the stage bud!

Fez- Move aside ya nutcase, is that how you host an awards show? Man, I expected a lot more from you considering how horrible you did last year.

Ron- But…

Fez- No buts, looks like again I will have to co-host *huge roar from the crowd* See, that’s how you host. *Ron, forever alone* Thank you people, love you all. Free graphics cards to all!!!

Fez- Have no fear, Bum man is here :p Damn, even a beggar won’t give Ron a single cent lol :p *Ron with a sad face* Our next award, EPIC THREAD REVIVAL AWARD. Now people, we create so many threads but somehow somewhere, a few of them get lost. However, always someone has to bring back the dead from it’s grave. In the light of this rather meaningless comparison of mine, the winner is ……. THE WEATHER THREAD!!!! And that too for the second consecutive year :D

*Mex performs George Michael’s careless whispers to a huge applause*

Fez- And moving on…*cut by Ron*

Ron- Mind if I….*cut by Fez*

Fez- Why don’t ya just shut up and go back to the streets selling bra and panties for 50 cents only *massive cheers for Fez, Ron’s gf bursts in laughter*

123- Hey Fez, mind if I join the party and give away a few awards of mine?

Fez- Sure mate, why not? Just promise you won’t put me in a bath tub with Luek and Mikey :p

123- ********* Alright people, it’s your favorite Aussie again and for the first time every, an awards show inside an awards show, yeah stole this idea from inception :p :p

Best Australian-  That onetwothree lad                            

Most likely to eat a spider- Fezbum(Fez- just wait till the show is over…)

Least likely to lend you a dollar- Matthew77258(Matt- come here you little piece of dip crap!!!)

Most F1 knowledge- Chris and PeteTeh

Most divisive member- AMS

Pensioner of the Year- cougar and Fezzelton(Couger- you got to be kidding me…)

The Daniil Ricky-ardo Award for the Member Most in Need of a Dictionary- Matthew77258 and Luek

*Matt A and Mexi each throw a pair of shoes at 123*

123- To make matters even sweeter, I will be back again!!!

*Mex and Matt A go out to kidnap him lol*

Fez- Now with the trash taken out, let us continue*Ron cuts him*

Ron- Can I just*Fez cuts him*

Fez- Fu**? Yeah, there’s a couple of dogs outside, feel free to do with them.*Ron’s gf and some of the guys celebrate a drink to that* Now, when I started here way back in 2010, there were a lot of guys who are unfortunately not present with us tonight. A few of them are missed a lot, their attitudes, posts etc. So, our next category, MOST MISSED MEMBER AWARD!!! *drum roll* it’s a major tie here….. WE HAVE THREE WINNERS HERE, NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!!...... MEXI, PHIL AND TJ FOR THE SECOND CONSECUTIVE TIME!!! *huge cheering* now, since none of them could be with us here tonight, so their awards will be kept in the OT hall of fame.

*Platy performs carnival of rust with mex on drums, matt A and prawney on guitars. Huge claps all around*

*Ron having taken two pegs of God knows what*

Fez- I hope you all are*Ron cuts him*

Ron- I don’t give a flying F about how everyone is enjoying or how you are doing, all I want is to host this bloody show. Now if you want to get speared by me then continue to stand where you are or else move aside. F rules, F my bloody policy, F whatever my gf thinks about this, this is my bloody show*hiccups*

Mex/Iceman- Katy?

Katy- Don’t worry, he will get riped when gets back home.

Mex/Iceman- RIP Ron.

Ron- Our next category, funniest thread award. Honestly, I can name hundreds of threads

Fez- But there have been only 60+ something

Ron- Shut up you ugly fat bum, lemme finish my sentence(*Herby- Ron is out*). FUNNIEST THREAD AWARD!!!! Roll the drums ya monkeys in the back…… it’s quite tight…… THE GIF THREAD!!!! Must say, thousands of funny gifs in that one.

*Fez almost cuts him but backs off after Katy signals him*

Ron- Moving on to the next one and I am laughing my ass of just by reading the name only, THE PLONKER AWARD. Need I give any introductions? Anyway…….. what’s the meaning of plonker?

Mex- The little thing that’s below your waist.

Ron- Thank you -_- Before I announce the winner, just wanted to say something to the winner(s), it’s all in good spirits, just fun. And the winner is….. ED for the second consecutive year lol. *crowd cheering for Ed* Come on here man, it’s all fun.

Ed- This award is dedicated to those who hypocritically enforce 'forum rules' and let certain members get away with... saying things that others aren’t.

Ron- Let’s have a bottoms up to that wonderful speech of yours. *both drink and hug each other*

Fez- Ron, I guess you ought to take a break now.

Ron- Dare to do something different, like I dare to lose my virginity in the coming days to the waitress at hotel California.

*Katy continues to frown while Mexi and others convince her that Ron is now officially drunk :p*

Ron- And now for the LOOOOOOOOOOL WORST COMEBACK AWARD!!! Man I won the inaugural best comeback award only to win the worst one last year :p :p whoever wins this one gets a hug from me

Iceman- Pretty sure only a pig would want to get one from you.

Ron- Ignore that hippie over there. And the winner is, roll on the drums monkeys…… GOLDENCOLT!!! *lots of laughter* I am sure you will win something more positive next year, here have a drink. *both have a drink*

Goldencolt-  that doesn't sound like a price anyone would like to win. But guess what: It IS a price and that means I have been better at something (even if that something means being worse than others) and that makes me a winner. And it makes everyone of you guys a loser in that one category.So, to sum up my feelings about winning this award, I'd like to quote the great Al Bundy:
I hate you all and I thank no-one but myself. 

*Herby and Mex perform Timberlake’s my love with Ron playing TI*

Ron- How the fu** am I seeing two katy’s in front of me? Does that mean I need to use two*Fez cuts him*

Fez- Mex, Iceman tie him up and drop him somewhere down the Pacific!!! *all tie him up and take him backstage*

Fez- Sorry for all the unwanted interruption. A tip to everyone, please don’t drink otherwise…. You already know. Moving on to the next category, MOST CHANGED MEMBER AWARD. Now this one is interesting and although it means little to judging the personality of the winner but still, it definitely means that the person changed significantly enough to be appreciated by our family. Our drunk guy himself won the first one and I would happily declare him the winner again solely on the fact that once a clean guy turned into an alcoholic piece of crap -_- Roll the drums!!!....... the winner is….. never imagined I or most of the people would be seeing this…. AMS!!!! *huge ovation**AMS gets on the stage and hugs Fezzy*

AMS- Thank you everybody, I am delighted to finally achieve this monumental prize. Honestly, I never imagined in my wildest dreams I'd achieve this, but thanks to the love and support of my PlayStation I've finally reached it. This is an important step in my life, and it hasn't quite sunk in yet. It's unbelievable jeff.  

Fez- We haven’t been short of trolls in the recent years and I personally enjoy the “little conversations” that I have with them ;) Next up, TROLL FIGHTER AWARD!!! And the winner is……. For the second straight year, PLATY!!!! *warm reception*

Platy- Thank you everyone. If you ever find any trolls, call 100 fellas :p :p

Fez- And take away a one direction gift.

Platy- And my ban hammer as well.

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Fez- The next award should probably be going to me but only for the sake of formality, FUNNIEST MEMBER AWARD!!! If I win this one which I will, I will be giving away free copies of Ron’s nude clips :p :p

Mex- Only a half butted witch would have them Fez.

Fez- So true lol. And the winner is…………………. *123 steps up*

123- It’s meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT!!!!! *123 kicks Fez out of stage to a huge roar* Thank you everyone, love you all, smooooooooooooooooooooch

Matt A- Ha gay!

123- And time for round 2 of my own awards show. *half the crowd already start leaving*

The Planet F1 Award for the Member Most Likely to be Drunk Off his Nut When Posting Mexi              

The Planet F1 Award for the Most Cringeworthy Moment of the Year Take your pick from Ron

The Planet F1 Award for the Member who constantly humiliates themselves Luek

The Planet F1 Award for the Best Overreaction Fezbum during the Belgian Grand Prix

The Planet F1 Award for the Greatest Freakout As above

The Planet F1 Award for the Worst FIFA Playah Luek

The Planet F1 Award for the Worst F1 Playah Greek Michael

The Planet F1 Award for the Worst Accent Luek and Chris

The Planet F1 Award for the Member Who Most Resembles King Joffrey Matthew77258

The Planet F1 Award for the Member Most Likely to have Nudes Leaked from their iCloud Account Rohan (Honourable mention: Mexi and Herbyzor)

The Planet F1 Award for the Member for which the GRL song, Ugly Heart, is about Matthew77258

The Planet F1 Award for the Member Most Likely to Click the Disagree Button on this Post Matthew77258


*Matt A chases him off stage, meanwhile Fez is back again*

*A music video for Ron’s birthday, “birthday” by Will.i.am(Iceman) and Cody(Ron)*

Fez- When is Ron when you need him, oh wait, he’s probably paying the street dogs their fees lol. For the next award, oh dear…… who the hell even approved this award huh!!!

Mex- What is it?

Fez- Love guru 101…..

Mex- If Ron wins this one then he must kiss her gf on stage.

Katy- And if he even dares to do that, you will see the single biggest ass kicking of a lifetime.

Mex/Iceman/Herby- We want that!!!!!

Hughesey/Matt B- Hope he makes it out of here alive.

Fez- And this year’s LOVE GURU 101 IS…….. *drum roll*…….. I quit, I simply quit, this show is now over!!!! *Mex facepalm* Ron……… RON*let’s go Ron chants and Ron comes out to his Edge theme song and entrance*

Fez- Not bad for a guy who got both friends and brother zoned and went after the same girl for 1.5 years and ultimately earned her love. Hey Katy, come up on stage and I think there’s no better person to hand this award to him than you. *Katy goes up stage and hands the award to Ron and they hug each other*

Mex- Kiss her if you are a man idiot!!!

Ron- Kiss my ass lol. I guess I oughta be called love guru 201 now :p :p Now love guru 201/007 lol Thank you everyone and love you katy :-*

Fez- And now for the next award *Ron spears him and sends him off stage to another roar*

Ron- I guess I am still drunk guys but relax, I still remember your names :p Now moving on towards the end of the show, time to give away the rather prestigious LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD!!! And to present this award I would like to bring on stage, our community manager Lee. *clapping*

Lee- I guess this award needs no formal introductions so without further ado, let’s declare the winner now. And for the first time, we have joint winners here! And the winners are quite deservingly….. Matt B and Fez!!! *entire crowd on their feet, Lee and Matt B hugging each other*

Matt B- What an honour to win the Lifetime Achievement Award, along with the wonderful Bumfez. I've been on the forum since September 2010 and I passed my fourth forum anniversary a few days ago! I've had some great laughs here and I look forward to having a load more in the future. Thanks to everyone that voted for me in the awards!

*25 to life by Ron and his gf and “desert rain” by the same duo. Crowd cheering only for Katy lol*

Ron- Unfortunately, our Prawney man couldn’t be here with us tonight so I will take his award instead, probably would be a good idea to job his bunny ;) ;) And now, for the penultimate award, BEST COMMUNITY MANAGER AWARD!!! And to present this award I would like to call on stage, a former community manager, a forum legend, a good friend of mine, Helios!!! *crowd on their feet* Roll the drums monkeys……. And the winner is……. Whoa, only one clear winner by miles……… *Lee chants* …….. LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *standing ovation from the crowd*

Lee- Thank you everyone, play safe, enjoy, have fun and beware the ban hammer :D :D

*Hughesey performs Owl city’s beautiful times with Chris and Matt B on drums and guitars while AMS on keyboard*

Ron- Hey boss, mind if you could teach me a few moves?

Lee- Sure.

*Ron turns around to take off his suit and as soon as he turns back around, he runs into a brogue kick from Lee and then a rock bottom outta nowhere from the returning Fez*

Fez- Gimme back my award ya swiney piece of ********

Lee- That concludes your lesson for today my little disciple.

Fez- And now, for the final award of the night and obviously the biggest one, OT MEMBER OF THE YEAR!!! And to present this award, I would like to call on stage, our chief guest, STEVE HOOD!!! *crowd on their feet*

Steve- It has been a wonderful night and again, a million thanks to all of you who made this community what it is today. Without further ado, let’s not keep you in suspense any longer and declare the winner now but again, like a few people have said, everyone here is a winner. But for the sake of formality, OT MEMBER OF THE YEAR IS…….. REVOLVING PRAWN A.K.A BUMFEZ!!!!! *huge roar*

Fez- Anything I write will just sound kinda cheesy and lame, so I'll just say thanks for the votes and awards, but you're all bastards for calling me old :p

Fez- So, with that we come to the end of the night, the only night of the year when we can all ummm…… well you already saw it :p Unlike last year, screw all the imaginary sponsors, arena, people blah blah blah, all I wanna say is, thank you everyone, the OT crowd for making this all possible. Hopefully, we can all stick around for years to come and continue this little tradition of ours. So, once again, thank you everyone.

*everyone on their feet and before the celebration can begin, Ron re-enters with a spotlight on his ass :p *

Ron- Please excuse my behavior although that is always expected from me :p Before we celebrate, why don’t we all celebrate in style? This one goes out to everyone especially for those guys who have brought their special ones here. Although you won’t understand the lyrics but enjoy the ride, “locha-e-ulfat. Guys, mind lending me a hand?”

*Ron and some guys start dancing all around and all the time he continues to beg for forgiveness from his gf but she barely baits an eye until she attacks him with his b’day cake which ultimately leads to everyone smearing the cake all over each other’s faces :p Ron is kicked 20 times in his ass for turning 20 and is ultimately kissed by his gf. 123 is shown what appears to be masquerading some jungle monkey as he continues to evade Matt A. Luek continues to wait for his passports lol while Mikey(cameo) apparently has a bath tub ready for him. Herby congratulates Chris on getting his young member award by giving him some biology lessons ;) Fez and Mex share a drink which leads to a stone cold stunner from Mex from outta nowhere :p :p The night ends with everyone celebrating and Taio Cruz’s hangover playing in the background(performed by Iceman and Fez)*

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Hughesy said:
Hughesy said:
I haven't a bleeping clue what I just read.... :o lol very funny though, I was never going to win a popularity contest  :#
I don't usually which is why I was surprised I did this time
Yea it's a strange one too, as I remember you from the first/old forum :p

yeah I was on the old forum as I've been around since CM got the F1 License. Being a fan of F1 I thought that was a good thing at the time. Judging by their first attempt 2010 I felt it was a good move it's just a shame they've not managed to maintain that excitement for it and use it. I think the failure to deliver consistently is what's been hurting them though recently rather than failing to deliver on promises too much. 2010 and 2012 were both pretty solid products I felt and don't have any problems with them. Aside from the graphics in 2011 being slightly dodgy I felt again it was reasonably good. 2013 aside from the classics was dodgy all round I think.

I can understand what they were trying to do with the tyre wear and making the AI tougher and more aggressive but they screwed up the lower levels and those of us that rely on the assists to enjoy the game in order to do it. I just hope that if 2014 does succeed in getting this series back where it belongs that they don't add or change anything without the option to turn it off/tune it in the event it ends up screwing something else in the game that people use. I know they were trying to simulate what was going on in that season but I think they took it a little too far in places.

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