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F1 2017 Online problems after the patch 1.6


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Hi everyone. 
I just want to talk about a problem that i have since the update 1.6 and see if its just me or others does also struggle with the same issue. 

If Codemasters could themseleve  give me an answer aswell , it could be very helpful

I play 80 % of the time online on PS4 . My ID is ; raikkonen1990. I play with manual gearbox ,  without traction control and visuals aids for the lines. 
I do a lot of open  personnal lobbys with 5 laps's sprint races.  ( 1 quali lap, randoom tracks, rules activated,  equal performances, dynamic weather, aids authorized for every levels ) 

Until the begin of September i had no problems for having poeple to come in my sessions. Just had to wait something like 20 or 30 minutes, then, 3,4 5 players start to join the session and while we race, others joins until it becomes full ( 15 players in my case) 

But since more than a week , everytime i create lobby, nobody joins... On day i had wated over 2 hours...   nobody..   I wondered myself if was due to my connection but after a few checks , everything was ok from this side.
I tried also to invite some friends.. it doesnt work too..    When they try to join my session with the invite,  the game tells  them that the session is no longer avalaible or doesn't exit, while i'm still waiting.. 

To resume.. i can't anymore play online except to join others's session..   ( With often of the time, some very stupid session's rules)  It's very annoying and frustrating.. 

The level online doesn't  progress also...  i don't understand this system..   sometimes , i get the experience ( XP points) that improve my level .  someothers not....   i still stucked at the level 10 after almost 1 month playing the game.. 

Please somebody tell me if you do have the same issues..  

And Codemaster ,  since F1 2010 i'm still waiting for a game playable immediately on long terms witout any god damm bugs.. 

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