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Favourite and least favourite circuits?


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Best Five
1. Montreal
2. Spa
3. Albert Park (for driving in game, actual races are not so good... I'm Australian though so biased)
4. Singapore (disliked at first, got used to it, kinda like it now) 
5. Red Bull Ring 

Worst Five 
1. Monaco (by far and have wanted it removed from the calender since forever even though it'll never happen. I'm on a pad though and skip/simulate every race here. Hate real life races here too even if Australia does have a good record there)
2. Abu Dhabi (Just boring IMO outside the first sector)
3. Spain (shame I like the Catalonia region)

Don't have any others I really don't like enough to put them as a 'worst'.
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I've only played F1 2014 before, and I'm at Baku right now in F1 2018.

Fav tracks -
- Monza (absolutely love it, absolutely own it)
- Monaco (absolutely love driving on the track, but kinda hate racing on it)
- Spa (love it and good at it)
- Bahrain (not my fav bht I'm so good there)
- Hockenheimring (good track, I'm always good there)

Disliked tracks (so far)

- Baku (flippin hell turns 18 & 19)

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My favourite circuit would definitely be the Austrian GP circuit, since it helps me to start my engines and race through a stretch, and find out where I can improve with obtuse curves, before heading to difficult ones, such as Monaco, where they require fast reflexes before crashing my car...correcting myself from a post from before, I found that changing my gears where the dots are red (before turning blue), made me get better scores, but still uncertain, it relied on racing through some tracks before, meaning that I got used to playing and then correcting my angles and that made all the difference, the whole time. :) :| :/ B)
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>Do most people automatically love the tracks they're good at and hate tracks where they're struggling for pace, or do you also have 'favorites' where you're terrible and vice versa? 

Indeed, a very interesting question mate, for example:

I personally always am in the Top 50 of Malaysia, but i still hate the track to the fullest, no seemless flow to it, too hot, too much rain, no "unique" corners worth to be mentioned and not to forget the annoying late apex right handers.

At Hockenheimring i'm always "mediocre" but the track has got all the stuff that Malaysia is missing imho, especially the long straight + the stadium section are fun to drive.

You could create a new discussion or even a poll with that question of yours.
I think I do for the most part yes I hate Monaco almost love to hate it because I hardly ever get a good result there I do get a result there now and then but not enough to write home about. Whereas I do really enjoy tracks with nice long straights like Bahrain and Canada mostly because I think the AI rarely touches me in terms of pace on tracks like that when I'm on form.
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