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Grid Autosport too stupid on line

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Having your own car doesn't magically make you faster. Yes, you will be a bit quicker, but don't expect to shoot to the podium right away. Plus, there are plenty of people that can win in loaner cars against owned cars, so stop complaining and get better. I know it sounds harsh, but it's the truth.
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Why 'of course'? If you're good, you can compete with loaners aswell. Not having the setup available is the only disadvantage, but even this isn't crucial with commom players.
I'd say if you can't win with a loaner, you probably can't win with an own car either.
How long do you have to play for getting money faster? Not a single second. Do the racenet challenges. Getting Platinum earns you 20k + race winnings. Aiming for Gold beforehand earns you another 10k. Finish in the Top 1% times and you earn 100k at the end of the week, slower times give you less reward money (Top 10% 85k I think). Finish everything in top 10% and you get 510k every week, + individual race winnings (another 100k minimum).
If you can't get in the Top 10%-15% (doesn't matter if loaner or own car) I'd say chances are low you can keep up in competitive sessions and therefore it again doesn't matter if you got a loaner or own car for the races.
I have no problem with Top10% times or better but even then I have trouble to keep up in races with good competition, simply because I don't have enough experience in battle for places (my 200ish online races against players with 1-4000 races). Loaner or own car wouldn't make a big difference there.
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Some people want instant results, and some people aren't as good as they think they are. I know my place and it isn't at the top of the board, but I manage just fine. I do wish the game would give you quicker access to tuning before you put some many miles on the car its unaffordable to repair. 
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