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PS4 Multiplayer Penalities + lobby stability


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PS4 - Multiplayer just for friends lobby :)
free practice  +  short qualy + 100% race
official time
dry weather

Seams that rules get to standard - like AI to "0" and cutting to regular if someone have disconnect and rejoin the lobby-
Player without disconnect / rejoin havecustomised lobby rules - cornet cutting etc,
Players which rejoins have regular rules and can cut the corners !

Second thing is that it seams to cause bigger problems if you change lobby conditions while players are joining the lobby -
Looks like that different players have different lobby settings in the same lobby if they joined to different time - while lobby seutp is not finished (AI is at "0" while host can see a.e. AI with 50 or 100)
The most stabile lobby seams to be: if all lobby setups are finished, and  after that that players join the lobby - and nothing is changed after players ar in !

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