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Thrustmaster T80 turning left without actually turning left

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Hi guys,

I am currently having trouble with my wheel. I am pretty sure it is a hardware problem, something to do with a sensor. Everytime I turn my wheel left and then right, the first slight turn right (after turning left usually) causes my wheel (ingame) to turn left all of a sudden until I turn it a bit further right which then it corrects itself. I have a video of what it looks like on device settings. Whenever it jolts left, that is not me turning left, I was turning the wheel slowly. I'd prefer to not send it back and if possible I am happy to open the wheel and solve the problem myself.

Here is the video - https://streamable.com/rx38h
Thanks for any help in advance.

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I had the same problem when playing GT4, with a thrustmaster t80, it would randomly 

spin to the left and cause me to crash. After reading many issue about this fault, I couldn't find any solution apart from buying a new steering wheel.

i decided to take the steering apart and look inside, I was amazed to find that the cables that attach to the steering wheel and pass through the main body snag on the cables which control the steering. 3 wires control the steering, when turning the steering wheel full lock, left and right you can see how the wiring stresses the 3 wires controlling the left, right and centre positioning. Over time this causes the wires to break away from the connection.

i soldered  the wire back to where it had come off and my T80 is a good as new.

To be honest, this is really a manufacturing cock up, I have located the 3 wires below the wires coming in from the steering wheel....... 

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