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Tuning Optimization Software

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Hello All,

Decided to create a piece of software that will help optimize the tuning process, pictures are located at the hyperlink below. So far it has improved my times by a few seconds and really helped me tune in the suspension looking at the system response graphs and frequency domains for rear and forward ride frequencies.I have also programmed gear usage to determine what my average time in each gear is, as well as calculate areas where the brakes were locked to help correct brake bias. If anyone has any advice or any features they believe would be beneficial please let me know, and I'll try to add them in (plan on releasing this to the public at some point).


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Haha yeah, after posting this I realize a lot of my graphs aren't labeled appropriately yet  (woops) been using the software and knowing what everything is so overlooked it.

I also plan to have a detailed write up. But for right now I can give you a quick and dirty.

Gear tuning page:
1) Graph on the left, this tells me the gear usage during the collection, and represents the data as a %, I have a predefined profile in the background "fitting function" that I try to match. If it doesn't match I'll start adjusting the gearing so that it does. I also use the graph on the right to determine if I need to length gears at all (to short of time in gear). 

Brake tuning page:
1) I use the graphs (front and back wheel velocities) to determine if wheels lock up (amp =0) when brakes are applied. If they both are locking up I reduce brake pressure, if one side is locking up I'll move the bias towards the other side. 

Suspension tuning page:

1) bottom right graph (rise frequencies). I try to find where I took a large jump (both front and back suspensions are displaced negatively)  I then look at the system response, I want to tune the back suspension such that it has a slightly higher frequency and that it's peaks will catch up with the front suspension.

I then use the graph at the top (pitch angle) to determine areas where the car was in small fast bumps, I then adjust my suspension such that the pitching delta is minimized.

Lastly I look at the graph on the left (FFT for ride frequencies) to determine if my back suspension is truly slightly faster than my front suspension. I try to find any leaks in the data and make sure the back suspension has the same peak and is slightly shifted to the right (higher frequency). 

Again ill post a video of my work flow so you can see what I'm talking about but that's how I use it for now. 

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