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Racenet repeats AGAIN!!!

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Hi, first post for me so hope this is in the right place.
I'm loving Grid Autosport and 'enjoyed' blasting round on the racenet challenges and online.
The reason i say 'enjoyed' is that i'm getting pretty bored of the same cars and the same tracks each week (if somebody mentions 'super utes' again il SCREAM! lol)
This week we have Mini's, Formula B and Lola's all on the same tracks that were on in previous weeks.
Surely the tracks and cars can be mixed up a bit more and WHERES THE DRAG PACK????
Rant over, its still a great game on PC.
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From what @Loore‌ says they had to back the drag pack up a couple weeks to polish and fine tune it. I did notice they added 3 trophies 2 It yesterday or the day before . It doesn't really surprise me the same tracks are being used even though this week it was supposed to be picked by the devs and not randomly selected.
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@Loore‌  Ovals there are 2 in the game. Use them more for any type of car you please. Just dont make it T/A's or races. Go with TT's instead. Don't use the Indycars, use something else that a lot of people have like Utes. Sorry @paraway‌ I could not help myself. 
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paraway said:
REALLY!!! No less than 5 tracks of racenet on 'circuit of the Americas'. Repeat after repeat.


No drift, No drag. Have you guys got no imagination.

It's the US GP at COTA this weekend so I went with a 'themed' week, it's something I'm keen to explore as it's something we've not done yet.

We can't do DLC as part of the RaceNet Challenge unfortunately.
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I supossed it, that the F1 GP was the reason when i saw a moment ago the places for the RN this week: all in Austin Americas circuit.
And there´s no Street track in Austin...in that case it sholud be perfect!! XD

I like the experiment, is not one of my favourite tracks, lacks of visibility is a good handicap, and a theme over only a track with very differentes cars and ways...as an experiment i like the idea.
A year ago or so it happens randomly something similar, not all the challenges but 6 of 9 i think in Grid 2 and Yas Marina.

@Loore  if this likes players, and following the F1 calendar, it could be possible to do when Abu Dabi (Yas Marina circuit) end the season, same situation BUT double points, money, etc...just like the GP will be this year; a very interesting race if Nico and Lewis arrives there almost tied, and it semms that it will be more or less equal. Come on!! do the same in Yas Marina, i love the track XD, and double everything.

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Fair enough, I get the theme idea but last week we had repeats of previous tracks and cars again and it seems like every week there are repeats.
Surely there are cars and tracks which are not DLC which haven't been used.
I love the game still but would like a little bit more variety if possible please.
Just wondering also (i know it off subject a little), will there be anymore competitions. Really good for club rivalry.

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