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GAS Freezing


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It's still not as bad as NASCAR 14' which isn't even being supported by its developer anymore. It took them 6 months to patch the game the first time, then they released 3 small patches to fix the problems the big patch broke. Bottom line the game is still broken, and no longer supported by ETX. They don't even communicate with their customers anymore. I can take a bit of Solace to know that they are aware of the issues and are working to correct them. Frustrated yes.. but until I get a Xbox One this is the best racing game I have on the console. Thank God for Destiny, that consumes most of my time until this issue is resolved. And when I do get an Xbox One it will be Project Cars all the way. 
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@Loore‌  the game is getting worse. Can only play 2-3 games before it freezes up now. And it's getting really anyyoing. Heard this before but since day 1 there have been problems. So now when is the patch comming. We all paid good money for it. Like a achievement wore myself. It's kinda hard to get them all when there is constantly a problem. If it was a corrupted data then it's freezing. So WHEN IS THIS PATCH COMMING OUT. And please don't say there still working on it. They have even working on it for over a month now. And don't say we'll it's a old Co sole and it's out of date. Of that's the case do t make games for the 360 no more then. Simple as that.
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Did you buy a One, and wrap it up untill Xmas? 

Thats some self discipline.  I just couldn't do that.   LOL

I would have thought a major problem like this would have got some overtime worked,  weekends at double time, and a bonus of a week off if you fix it.  

Guess its not high on the priority list right now.  

I feel sorry for the little guy in the corner of the CM office, who is rocking backwards and forwards mutting something under his breath over and over,  as he tests the Xbox one/PS4 new title, and discovers its got a save game issue. 

The PC version doesnt work properly, so whats the excuse for that?  It cannot be that its an old system. 

Have the PC's run out of memory? 

Im still waiting for the list of 10 reasons why I should buy another CM game.  
Could anyone from CM please provide me with these reasons, as im struggling to think of them myself. 

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1) They want you to. 
2) It'll promise to be the best racer ever and almost deliver.
3) The saved game bug will get fixed eventually.
4) Half decent trade-in value despite not working.
5) Makes you realise how well Forza games were coded 7 years previously.
6) You can join a lively debate on the forums with people with similar issues. A kind of AA meeting for troubled gamers.
7) The revenue raised will contribute to future R&D and testing on the PC version.
8) ok, so maybe not 7
9) The almost useless dlc will make up for the fact the core game is unplayable.
10) There is no 10
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Yes this is a repeat from another of my posts.  I'm entitled to my opinion. 

Some things never get old.  Tried GAS again and it froze on me 3 times in an hour.  I dare not try another classic British extra championship for fear that it will freeze when I'm halfway through the 10 races and I'll have to start the whole damn thing over again.  So I tried the sprint OW A class and it froze right on schedule.  I wonder why the public lobbies are called public when there is no public in them.  I dare not load any paints for fear that it will freeze.  I dare not do any DLC for fear that my friends who haven't purchased the exact same DLC won't be able to join me unless I let them run the room.  I dare not, I dare not, I dare not.  A very enjoyable (if I remember?) game totally ruined and a company I will probably never buy from again.  I think I'll pull out my 1967 RISK board game.  It has never froze on me and the graphics and gameplay are as much fun as it was when I first got it. 

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It sure seems like CM is waiting for xmas more than my kids... so all of us get rid of these "old consoles"..... guess what, when we buy our new ones we will remember this!!!
They don't have any games out on the new consoles, yet. And furthermore what makes them think we'll buy their games for our new More Capable Consoles after the bad taste they've left in our mouth with GAS??? 
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It sure seems like CM is waiting for xmas more than my kids... so all of us get rid of these "old consoles"...

Game creators' excuses for blatant defects are always cyclical, timed with the life-cycle of the platforms...

Early on: "Well, it's a new platform & we're still figuring out what its limitations might be."  (Keep an eye out for variants of this one coming with more Xbox One & PlayStation 4 releases.)

Mid-generation: "Well, it's a mature platform now & there are some bumps in the road as we figure out how to innovate within its known limitations."

Later on: "Well, it's an old platform now & we're bumping up against its limitations."

...It all boils down to the same thing: if they can get people to buy it, quality doesn't matter. They might toss out a token patch or two to address some minor trivialities that were cheap & easy to fix, just to put on a show of "listening to the community," but the real issues are never fixed - not even in follow-up sequels (like the corrupt save data that has been present in numerous CodeMasters games).

... guess what, when we buy our new ones we will remember this!!!

Most definitely.

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Plain and simple... I dont game much, my son got me interested in grid 2 after he downloaded the free demo and he and I played it for hours together. He got tired of it eventually but I continued on and bought my own xbox so we didnt have to share his. BUT... out of the thousands of $'s ive spent on his games (he has an entire bookshelf full for the 360 plus what is on his drive) this is the ONLY game that we have had an issue with... freezing, corrupt saves, and the preferable non functional racer flag colors. If the people that make that god awfull game minecraft can can get it right for $10 why cant CM get it fixed 4-5 months after release after we all spent $60+? I do enjoy playing this game very much but cmon already, FIX IT!!!!!
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Loore said:
@Lorre any news on patch yet? 
Only what I said last week, it's currently going through our internal QA process and is nearing completion. I'm hoping we'll have more of an update today/tomorrow.
 "Nearing completion" and "our internal QA process" are the important words here i think.

So yeah, by the sounds of it CM have not sent it to microsoft/sony yet. So if I'm right we are still looking at at least another week before it gets approved or rejected again by Micro/sony, right?

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